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  1. Do you guys still have this salt mix available?
  2. Do you have a pic the rainbow devil and maui wowie. Also price?
  3. Both quarter sized. $100 for Sunkist, $150 for Godspawn. Located in Tualatin.
  4. GL with the sale, Geoff! Great seller, got my pack and everything is healthy and colorful.
  5. Holly is awesome! I quickly filled my nano cube with her beautiful healthy corals.
  6. Also interested in the Neptune bounce. Price for just the OG bounce? Ty
  7. Could I purchase the mushrooms then? Or if you're not willing to split the pack make it a softie pack? I hope they split too, I see some really nice pieces
  8. I'd take a shroom pack if that's possible?
  9. I can pick it up tomorrow. Pm sent.
  10. Wow, awesome coral! If it wasn't for this covid stuff I'd love to see your reef. It looks awesome.
  11. I think I see some nice mushrooms in the background. Also in tualatin, any available? Ty 😃
  12. Was able to drop off the par meter at CnC today after all. Thanks for the loan!
  13. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk I can return it tomorrow [emoji106]
  14. Excited to finally get my hands on a par meter and test my tank!
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