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  1. Alrighty, then... Sent from Atlantis
  2. Anytime D-man, it was my pleasure! Glad you like'em... Dem DLL's look amazing! Wish my display didn't have a wide azz euro brace or I'd be all over these! Great job, btw! Sent from Atlantis
  3. It's lobo the hobo, ask any mofo[emoji6] Sent from Atlantis
  4. Yo jt... Very impressive, indeed! What is the name of this acro, again? It's been so long... Sent from Atlantis
  5. All frags sold. More frags are available, just shoot me a PM. Mods, please close... Sent from Atlantis
  6. Glad yours is doing great, as well. Enjoy the corals! Sent from Atlantis
  7. Glad it's doing well! Looking forward to seeing you again, enjoy! Sent from Atlantis
  8. Sweet Got the same list from Paul the other night. At least now, others can see what's available. Any word on approx pricing from them? Will the local reefer peeps get some lovin' on prices? Just curious, is all... Sent from Atlantis
  9. You just did... Sent from Atlantis
  10. Texted ya earlier this morning, hope you got it. Lmk Sent from Atlantis
  11. Yo Jim I'm sure there are a bunch of stick-heads up north, maybe you can kindly ask them for more higher end sticks (if they are willing to cut some). Being a stick-head yourself, I'm quite sure, you'd want something a bit more worth it, other than what was listed. Then again, you did say, that you'll be adding to the list. After all, we are driving 6 plus hours, round trip. Let's make it worth the time and money. Also, will they be selling corals at retail or close to it, for the local peeps? I'm sure most of us would like to have an idea on what the corals would cost, approximately. It would give us an idea on how much we need to save or whether it's worth it to even go. Get what I'm sayin'? If it's alright with you, I'll make a list of things that I'd like to purchase and post it here. Whether they have it or not, it'll give me some sort of idea if the trip will be worth it. I am saving my pennies and can't wait to go! Thanks for putting this together, Jim@Gumby! Sent from Atlantis
  12. ...and we're back, how was movie night, y'all? [emoji12] Sent from Atlantis
  13. Super nice stuff, Jeff! Sent from Atlantis
  14. I'm with Higher, if it's grubbin' down and continues to do so, let it be. It's not like, you're gonna leave it there for months on end. Don't sweat it, mon...[emoji27] Sent from Atlantis
  15. Welcome aboard! Sent from Atlantis
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