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  1. I'll take one, if one falls through Sent from Atlantis
  2. The swap in April is called ReefWorx Sent from Atlantis
  3. As the saying goes... "It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission" I love this adage! Sent from Atlantis
  4. I have a detach garage but has been turned into a man cave and fish room, as you've seen before. Both rooms are walled off with separate entrances. Cars & toys are no longer parked inside. As for doing projects, such as woodworking (depending on size of project), it really sucks, as I don't have a lot of room. Last couple weeks, I had to build a stand for my new tank (tank built by@pdxmonkeyboy). It was no fun cutting wood with limited space. Saw dust was not a problem, I attached my shop vac hose to the saw and was all good! I'd say, wall-in the bay your tank(s) will be in to avoid any exhaust/fumes or saw dust, if you're gonna be doing any projects in the other bays. As handy as you are, it'll be easy-peasy, sleazy. Probably cheaper than a roll-up door, idk. Plus, it'll be warmer once you insulate the bay. (wish I had a 4-bay garage) Sent from Atlantis
  5. That's awesome Nate! Sent from Atlantis
  6. Hello there! Although, it may be a bit of a drive, I can donate a couple heads of frogspawn, various zoas, mushrooms, chalices and a small BW nem. Lmk, I can hook the kiddos up! Located in Battle Ground Sent from Atlantis
  7. Yo Taylor Lighting...if the Reefi Duo Extremes are a bit out of range, at this time, maybe consider the Reefi Uno! It is a single puck instead of two. I don't know how much controllability you get, as@danlu_gt is still fine tuning the luminaire. Thought just came to mind... Not sure if I was to say anything regarding the 'Uno', just yet, before its release. Sent from Atlantis
  8. I'll take it! [emoji823][emoji823][emoji823] Sent from Atlantis
  9. Uhhh...to each his own不 Sent from Atlantis
  10. I'm leaving now to beat the lines! 不 Sent from Atlantis
  11. Just 'OK'? Are you kidding me? It's better than any burger from up here, that's for sure, lol. Lucky Burger is ok, but Lucky Boy on Arroyo Parkway, now that place is awesome for pastrami sandwiches! I like Tommy's and In 'n Out, 2 all time faves. Anybody want a 4x4 animal style? Sent from Atlantis
  12. I'll be there for sure but might be a few minutes late, been craving some 'In n Out'.... Finally! Sent from Atlantis
  13. I, also, have... Candy Apple Reds Sonic Flares Blue Hornets Alien Antivenom Magicians and several Black Widow nems! Candy Apple Reds Sonic Flares Blue Hornets Alien Antivenom The classic Magicians Black Widow nems Sent from Atlantis
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