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  1. Sorry, Jeff. You're a tad late... Sent from Atlantis
  2. Pm sent, please respond, thank you! Sent from Atlantis
  3. You have 5 min to claim your prize/frag or else, I will redraw! [emoji23]不[emoji23]不 Sent from Atlantis
  4. Lucky number 15! @Alterego Congrats! Sent from Atlantis
  5. Ok here we go... I will be using random.org to pick a number. I will post the number shortly... Good luck everyone! Sent from Atlantis
  6. Less than 30 minutes to go... Sent from Atlantis
  7. Also, if you are attending the BBQ tomorrow, lmk. I can bring it with me. If not, I can forward my addy to the winner for pickup. Thanks, again! Sent from Atlantis
  8. I forgot to mention, just say "share the love" (in any way shape or form) and you're good! Sent from Atlantis
  9. I've been blessed with my corals, thus far, and I want to pass it on, 'cuz it only takes a spark! A frag of PC Rainbow is up for grabs! I will do the random drawing tomorrow night at 7pm. That's Friday the 23rd at 7pm! More LOVIN' to come... Good luck y'all! Sent from Atlantis
  10. Who's this bob's reef, guy? He kinda got his panties all up in a bunch, lol [emoji23] Sent from Atlantis
  11. Another fish 'flake'. [emoji12] So what else is new...? Sent from Atlantis
  12. Nice progress, bro! Corals are growing! Sent from Atlantis
  13. So, that's what they are... I have the same thing popping up in different places. They're nice to have on an isolated rock, I guess, but not on rockscape, imo. Now, to get in there and remove them... Sent from Atlantis
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