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  1. If it's anything like shrooms, I'll try it! Kidding[emoji39] Carry on... Sent from Atlantis
  2. I hope you are all enjoying your nudis, I am! I have them all in a container in one of my frag tanks. I placed a coral frag that has aptasia and once the nudis has done their job, I'll replace that frag with another frag of aptasia and so on and so on. Hopefully, they'll reproduce in the container, which makes it easy for me to catch them. Anywho... If mods want to close this group buy thread, go for it or it can staying open for more discussions/sharing. Thanks everyone who participated! Sent from Atlantis
  3. Nudis are in! I opened the box and the bags were quite cold, but the nudis are still alive. I called Salty's but no answer, so I gave them a heads up on the temperature of the bags. They are floating as we speak.... Sent from Atlantis
  4. Ok, only 2 people have reached out to me about bringing their nudis to Molokos,@juan and@suncrestreef. If there are others that would like me to bring their nudis to Molokos, please let me know... For those of you who would like to pick theirs up from my place, PM for address info. Note: If the package gets delivered in a timely manner, I will be at Molokos, hopefully, between 1 to 2pm. So, if you decide to pick up at my place, I won't be back home until 3pm depending on traffic. Thanks again, y'all Sent from Atlantis
  5. For the group that ordered with me: -OptimusPrime3605 -Non-member -SuncrestReef -Juan -Lewisriverfisherman -sroberts According to Salty's email, package should be arriving tomorrow by noon. Pick up will be at my place in Battle Ground. For those of you that cannot make it to my pad, I will be going to Molokos in Portland, to pick up my other order of nudis from Christian, and I can bring the nudis there for the ones that cannot make it out to BG. Please let me know if you want me to bring the nudis to Molokos. Sent from Atlantis
  6. I have big time trouble with salifert phosphate test kit, that's why I switched to Hanna, way easier! Sent from Atlantis
  7. I use Hanna for phos and salifert for nitrates Sent from Atlantis
  8. Algae film on glass? Yes. Just like everyone else. I hand clean my glass every 3 to 4 days, though. Algae on rockscape? Yes, but it's not the stringy long stuff, it's the really small stuff that's hardly noticeable. Besides, my tangs just tear it up, like it's nothing. I'm sure, if I lowered my trates and phos, I could probably go 5 to 7 days without cleaning the glass, but I don't mind one bit. As long as my corals are colorful and growing, that's all that really matters. Cleaning is just part of good husbandry... HTH's, John [emoji6] Sent from Atlantis
  9. Very low no3 and very low po4 are, from what I read in the past, is what one would think to aim for to keep colorful and happy sps. Not so true! It's very difficult to keep trates in check at such low levels. So, people just let it ride with great success. I personally keep my trates around 25 and po4 around .3, not. 03 but .3! My acros love the high nutrient levels. They eat it up which in turn, brings out the bright beautiful colors and growth! I'd never thought to keep no3 so high but after chatting with Rudy, he told me his sps vat is running at 20ppm no3. His zoa vats are running at 40ppm! I keep my 8 ft zoa frag tank at 40ppm, as well. I must say, there is a balance between no3 and po4, though. Can't have an imbalance of both or else there'd be issues. Keep Alk high if you're gonna keep no3 high. All this being said, it works for me, but it might not work for you. Once you find the sweet spot, keep it there! Btw, I dose nitrates (stump remover) and phosphates (tri-sodium something) to keep levels up or else, my corals suck it up like no other... HTH Sent from Atlantis
  10. Easy there, occifer, he said he had "tons" lol Sent from Atlantis
  11. I'd like a chunky frag, please, if you have any to spare. Let me know how much, thank you, Andy Sent from Atlantis
  12. Be careful crossing over to the 'dark' side, just ask Luke[emoji39] Carry on.... Sent from Atlantis
  13. That'd be great, Chris. Put me down for 10 nudis! I'd say, we've just about hit the 50 mark with@albertareef in the mix. Sent from Atlantis
  14. Chris, how many were you thinking to get? As of right now, we need 40 more to hit free shipping. @sroberts, were you looking to get 10 more to hit your quote of 20? I'd be in for 10 more, myself. Forgot I have some aptasia in my frag tanks and sumps. I'll probably keep 5 of them in a 10gal and try my hand at breeding them. Sent from Atlantis
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