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  1. goldenbasketreef

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas friends!!!
  2. goldenbasketreef

    Buying and importing a car through an importer??

    Steering will be on the right side
  3. goldenbasketreef

    Buying and importing a car through an importer??

    I think all writing on dashboard will be in Japanese Kanji
  4. Blue Metallic Squamosa Clam 2" @ 225.00 SOLD Metallic Blue Speckled Crocea 2" @ 150.00 Turquoise Blue Squamosa Clam 2" @ 225.00
  5. Thank you board for hosting this even, your hard word greatly appreciated. Thank you so much also for the people that came, I hope will encourage more people to come next year to grow this NW Frag Swap.
  6. goldenbasketreef

    Fragfest Oct 27th Raffle Prizes

    I have 10 different zoa frags with one or more polyps per frag, sorry forgot the last one but every bag there is name written on it, good luck! Borneo Death Tap Atomic Space Monster Rainbow Goblin Strawberry Space Monster Speckled Rasta Alien Anti Venom Wrecking Ball Carnaval Radioactive Twizzler
  7. goldenbasketreef

    How do these “high end” sps sellers get away with this!

    Picture of the BigR Freak Nasty Monti under royal blue at my tank can be check out in person So without photoshop it is that bright
  8. goldenbasketreef

    How do these “high end” sps sellers get away with this!

    I do get a lot of request for picture under 10k-12k lighting. Now let me explain my point about this request. Who has spectrum analizer readily to measure the light spectrum for taking picture or even measure spectrum in a personal tank. Some also would say 10k-12k means a little more white. But again it is subjective to each own. Your little more white may not be the same as my little more white. Do you follow what I am saying? It is very difficult request to follow because no one can be certain what is picture under white lighting or under 10k-12k mean.
  9. goldenbasketreef

    How do these “high end” sps sellers get away with this!

    True, without own or see the coral in person we can only assume that coral posted is off the scale in saturation even when it is obvious. Most of the time taking picture under deep RB would get that result even without playing with saturation button.
  10. goldenbasketreef

    How do these “high end” sps sellers get away with this!

    I wouldn't keep coral under white only light either, so I don't get the point of asking for picture under white light when most reef tank not white light dominant
  11. goldenbasketreef

    How do these “high end” sps sellers get away with this!

    Regardless how the picture look, wanting to provide review need actual coral to compare otherwise you are comparing apple to orange then the argument will be mute. If you never bought the corals in question then you don't have a right to say good or bad just my 2 cents. I actually have seen BigR monti in person at show and it is look like that under deeper royal blue ligthing or under kessil 360WE
  12. goldenbasketreef

    Potassium Chloride

    For red bug and monti eating nudi need to dip 30 minutes Monti eating nudi is most difficult to eradicate, it will only stunt this parasite even with pure bayer solution. KCL dip allows us to dip monti 2-3 times a week without any problem with the corals to get rid of monti eating nudi. The nudi will come out and easily pick up with twizzer or blow off
  13. goldenbasketreef

    GB Grand Master Krakatoa

    Say hello...
  14. goldenbasketreef

    High end TRIFECTA zoa pack

    Orange filter give you funky color but the lens as good
  15. goldenbasketreef

    High end TRIFECTA zoa pack

    Get this clip on cell phone lens, https://www.amazon.com/Camera-Comsun-Universal-Smartphone-Fisheye/dp/B01B6JPAPS/ref=br_lf_m_fj4k35wvfdaq7q3_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&s=wireless and add this gradual tinted sunglasses lenses for filter, https://www.amazon.com/Fuse-Lenses-Oakley-Half-Jacket/dp/B077ZF9BY4/ref=sr_1_6?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1529505851&sr=1-6&nodeID=7141123011&psd=1&keywords=half%2Btint%2Bsunglasses&th=1