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  1. GB Krakatoa Fire

    For you only 2 bitcoins...hahaha
  2. Famous!

    I am still that goofy guy with lots of sps in Tigard...far from famous :-)
  3. Anyone know what these are?

    It is for sure mojano, need to kill right away before too late.
  4. Happy Turkey Day

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  5. Walt Disney frag!

  6. Exquisite acro

    Super nice, bring a frag when you have available.
  7. New to the boards

    Welcome Zach! Good to see you in this forum, Gene should be on board also.
  8. NW Fragfest shout out to all the vendors

    a party is not a party without all of you members to support it. Fun time always when local reefers get together. Thank you to all that made it a success.
  9. Nwfragfest Guest Speaker! Laura Simmons!

    Blasting usually common practice in remote island by local people as a way to collect fish for food and some to sell at the local fish market. Coral trade become an escape goat for this destruction that actually is nothing to do with coral trade.
  10. NW Fragfest Needs You! Looking for a few volunteers!

    Event well done, thank you volunteers!
  11. Exciting time for Northwest Frag Fest

    See you all on Saturday
  12. Rainbow Zoa

  13. Finally!

    I know you don't have to kiss my butt...hahaha