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  1. Detail on comment on each picture on Golden Basket Reef FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/goldenbasket/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1437520569722650
  2. Yup, I am no dodge...hahaha
  3. Salifert, Hanna, or Red Sea Alk test kit, pick one and for sure you will be good All three test kits have had bad reagent in the past and have corrected and reaching out to user. This is assurance from quality test kit that we need.
  4. The same price you can get 20lb tank, if you have space that is
  5. Hydrophonic store next to Uhaul on 99W open on weekend
  6. The next on the zoa throne...GB Bloody Krakatoa
  7. 1. Good calcium reactor, Geo Marine or Reef Octopus, the rest you pay for cosmetic not function 2. Add 2nd or 3rd chamber / media reactor, doesn't mater brand, to hold decent amount of media to strip escape co2 2. Basic Controller will be Carbon Doser, the best to avoid end of tank dump issue go with 2 stage controller with quality needle valve & electronic solenoid valve from Alan Le or diy 3. Timer to control injection period for the basic, or milwaukie ph controller with ph probe to control ph inside reaction chamber for accurate control 4. Start at PH 7 inside the reaction chamber then adjust down by 0.5 point ph to increase alk 5. Feed pump separate than circulation pump or can use dosing pump IMO dosing pump or timer are either or option, both can deliver stable alk once set correctly. Myself I use a timer from home depot to control on/off on solenoid valve to deliverr CO2 and my feed pump continue running at the feed setting using plastic gate valve
  8. You know luck is a big factor, cross fingers and toes, knocked on wood, nothing bad will occurred Thanks
  9. Who is coming to RAP NY? Please stop by Golden Basket Reef booth 506, don't be a stranger ☺️ Frags RAP 2019 _540p.mp4
  10. Keep Copperband BF, if died replace it immediately. Tank will be free of aiptasia
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