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  1. Another option to use instead of interceptor tablet is Dr G dip medication. It will say that in tank treatment is not recommended, again no issue if you do in tank treatment with Dr. G
  2. It will multiply to the point will irritate sps. I have never had any issue with the treatment killing crustacean or pod. I do interceptor treatment once every quarter regardless I have red bugs or not. 1 (One) 50lbs Dog Tablet for 300gal system, crushed to a powder, mix with tank water is a container till dissolve then 24-36hrs left in the system, skimmer and carbon filtration off. Do water change 20-30% or none at all no issue, turn on skimmer and carbon filtration back on after 24-36 hrs
  3. Keep it in the dark side of the tank till recovered
  4. I like to thank you for all the people that stop buy Golden Basket booth. This wonderful show has been better each year and this even couldn't have been done without the wonderful crew that work with great effort for excellence. I salute to you all for the well put show. Would also like to extend the thanks to all vendors from local and from Seattle area that make this show great in selection of quality corals. It is also very awesome to all the attendees that make time to come and spend money for a good cause, TFT Program. Thank you all for coming. Grow more corals for next year show, till next year cheers!!!
  5. Some of you asking the coral name on Golden Basket Reef Raffle frags, top to bottom with retail price: 1. GB Stormy Day 50.00 2. GB Tiger Hornet 50.00 3. GB Hyper Pink 50.00 4. GB Tootsie Roll 100.00 5. GB Crimson 75.00 6. JF Candyland Cyphastrea 40.00 7. GB Flash Favia 50.00 8. Bicolor Blasto 45.00 9. Daredevil Favia 40.00 10. GB Suncore Micromussa 100.00
  6. Yup, I am no dodge...hahaha
  7. Salifert, Hanna, or Red Sea Alk test kit, pick one and for sure you will be good All three test kits have had bad reagent in the past and have corrected and reaching out to user. This is assurance from quality test kit that we need.
  8. The same price you can get 20lb tank, if you have space that is
  9. Hydrophonic store next to Uhaul on 99W open on weekend
  10. The next on the zoa throne...GB Bloody Krakatoa
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