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  1. Live stock going to upscales. Tank, lid and stand $40 Aquaclear 110 $40 Liverock 60ish lbs $40 Coralife RGB Led w/remote 48" $40 Take it all for a lower price total.
  2. I want to focus on my reef tank so this one needs to go. 55g glass aquarium in okay shape, does have some scratches and such. Stand is in solid shape. glass lid as well to prevent escapees. Comes with 300watt heater, Aquaclear110 bought just two months ago, koralia 750gph and 425gph pump. Will trade for frags and looking for a nem 503-niner-two-niner 87five4
  3. 😀anyone got one????
  4. Good news everyone! LadAShark has a home for him
  5. Taking him to Cayes tomorrow or Friday if no takers
  6. Honestly about 3-3.5" not very big. Wish I knew when I could upgrade but I fear he may outgrow the tank. Price is obo. Mostly want good home
  7. Anyone want a baby panther grouper? Simply want to make sure he goes to big home. He's a baby now in my 55g. Not sure when I'll upgrade but they grow slower so if no takers I'll keep for awhile. $30 obo or trade?
  8. They're located downtown so they have a downtown personality... The wet spot that is
  9. Close please
  10. I'll take a 20 or 30 gallon long 😁
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