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  1. It's being picked up tomorrow!
  2. It a little torn up in my powerhead so it's residing in a floating box healing. Should have a full recovery and is looking better everyday. But free to someone who wants it and wants to heal back up. I'd float in a basket for another week tbh before placing. I'll get pics here shortly.
  3. I've owned many pumps and the Nero is by far my favorite.
  4. I have an ATI T5 with LED strips attached. Just prefer the T5
  5. Just as the title says and will include original boxes. Got them from a local but decided I like my other light more. $175ea. One I decided to keep and is unavailable and being used the other is good to go.
  6. Hahaha shoulda coulda woulda. It went to someone local for a good deal so I'm happy Until the next photo contest!
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