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  1. RODI Sold. Mods please close items left I'll bundle and post another day for now probably for free
  2. Don't need a 5stage rodi do ya? 😁
  3. Just 15g breeder, stand, 10g, the two HOB filters and heater along with the RODI unit are still available. Offers welcome, coral trade fine
  4. I too have received poor correspondence. Not sure if my meeting tomorrow will be met.... Lol still no reply or nothing. I wouldn't do business with this individual...
  5. I too have received poor correspondence. Not sure if my meeting tomorrow will be met....
  6. I could be wrong but I foresee AIO becoming the new norm for nano tanks of 60g and less. I have a waterbox 20g and when I upgrade it will probably be another Waterbox. Great construction and quality and at a very very friendly price. Excited to see this!
  7. 40g breeder and 15g Reef Kit pending Obo on RODI unit and Sicce Will trade for frags and such
  8. Hey hey so I have some random odds and goodies. Please read description of items. Item 1. (Not pictured) 40g Breeder, clean with no scratches known of, glass lid included $25 Item 2. 10G Tank w/aquaeon HOB filter $10 or free if you buy something else haha. Used as little freshwater tank, will be as clean as possible before purchase Item 3. Sicce 1.5 Return Pump, works fine but probably needs new impeller as this is no longer a silent pump. Still works just fine but does have a hum. $20 ($70 new, impeller is $25) Item 4. BRS 5 Stage RO/DI 75GPD Unit I have all hosing and cut off valves you will ever need for this, filter media inside has less than 50 gallons made through it. I would just get new resin for 5th stage. TDS meter works perfectly. $100 ($200 new on BRS) Item 5. 15g Breeder w/stand Custom DIY LED light and light stand 50watt tetra heater, AC50 HOB filter $100 used for awhile as my main little nano tank, will be cleaned as best it can be before purchase 15g w/stand + AC50 + Heater $60 LED light $40 or $50 with stand DIY LED is pretty [language filter] D I Y. It uses three cables... 2x for each meanwell driver and 1x 5v for the fan and controller. Mixture of Royal Blue, Warm White, Cyan, Violet, Lime, and Blue. Split between two channels where you can get a very tasteful blend of color. Probably 55+ Watts when at 100%. It's bright and LEDS are clustered close enough for good color balance. Great for tanks up to 20G or as a supplement LED for cube tanks. You can see how it looked when setup below... If we can bundle I can cut deals (I feel like these are pretty fair prices?) for sure as I am pretty open and mostly just want to do some spring cleaning and hopefully hook someone up. Cash is king but will totally accept coral trades depending on the coral! Also looking for a pair of sexy shrimp, small DC return pump for my 20g AIO, ATO of some kind.
  9. I have a brand new set (2) of super blue t5ho 24in bulbs from aquawave. went with a different bulb. I just bought from amazon
  10. Oops. Mods please move to wanted section. My bad
  11. They actually have great reviews? Because I have a icloop pro
  12. Looking for what the title says. Please let me know if you have one.
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