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  1. It's such a nice shroom. A mix of yellow and rainbow highlights with awesome bright bounces
  2. Bought from CNC awhile ago and it has definitely grown. Probably 4-5 heads? It has hues of green, teal, blue, and a smidge of orange/pick closer to the mouths. Selling for cheaper than I paid for it and it's grown bigger but I love hooking people up! Will consider trades but my taste are super picky right now as I'm focusing on higher end pieces. This is mostly to make room for a future torch I plan on adding. Located SW Portland Beaverton area. Really close to the zoo.
  3. Long over due update on how the tank has grown in and changed a bit. Hope you like it!
  4. Sounds good! Wanna pm me for details?
  5. I'll throw in that neon green candy cane too! For freeeeeeee
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