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  1. I can't go on R2R I get lost and confused haha. It's so big of a forum
  2. Those lava rocks would make a pretty sweet fresh water hardscape. Glws! Great pricing too
  3. Hmmmm 🤔 Not sure! Everyone's cup of tea is different. The only thing I did to it was place some foam inserts between the rear wall and media basket so they sit flush with the incoming water. I used basically all IM gear since it fits nice and was made for the tank. Good luck!
  4. Petco never has the 40b as part of the dollar sale. Nor the 75g I'm pretty sure. I think reason being is its made with thicker glass since there's no center brace therefore more expensive to make. Could be wrong but last time I went to buy a 15g breeder it too was excluded from the sale.
  5. IM Nuvo 40 Stock media basket with filter pads, carbon, Purigen, and a mini refugium with chaeto IM AQUA Gadget 2-1 Chaetomax LED IM MightyJet 538gph w/ 1x Spin Stream IM Medium Size Nuvo Skimmer AI Nero 5 Mp10 Aquatic Life T5 Hyrbid with 4x Nano Box V3 Arrays controlled w/Bluefish w/ 2x Giesemann Super Actinic T5HO Tunze Nano ATO ATO Reservoir 6g Soy Sauce Bucket 300 Watt Ceramic Heater Externally Controlled and doubled up with finnex thermostat controller. That's pretty much it!
  6. Still for sale or trade for coral No rush though either. Hope you all are safe! These geckos come guaranteed Covid-19 free! 😷👉
  7. Great deal and great pair! I have a yellow watchman and tiger pistol. So much fun for a nano. @waldoz this would be a sweet little pair with your planned clown fish for your 20g
  8. Been a little awhile since an update. 3 weeks 3 days no water change. These were taken on the 23rd in the evening. Been dosing with a handful of items and only wiping the glass occasionally
  9. 180? Trade for coral plus cash? Cash plus trade for a bare tank?
  10. Will trade for higher end coral too...
  11. Hey! I've decided to post my 40b Leopard Gecko Bioactive Setup. Two females who get along just fine. Dirt is multi layered for all its inhabitants (microfauna) and supports arrid plants no problem. Temp controlled heater and thermostat, heat bulb dimmable, uvb bulb and fixture. May keep the big led light on top. Super easy maintenance. I feed twice to three times a week crickets and worms. Water occasionally and make sure the bowl has water. Other than that ez pz lemon sqz. At the end of the day I'm just a fish guy. Looking to trade for a FW setup. Preferably rimless. Or sell for, idk $200 seem fair? What ya got?!
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