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  1. Ayyyyyyyyy I'm good on the clarki. What would you want for the rest of those ez pz corals?
  2. Where do you live? I have family in OC so I can always figure something out
  3. Noice. You close to me by chance? I'll be out and about today hit me up 👌
  4. Looking for the following for my green wolf eel tank. Some sort of dwarf angel species Either a foxface or something yellow Puffer fish but one that doesn't get a 1ft Ez soft corals like Kenya trees and toadstool, even xenia and gsp. Maybe some sort of anthias Larger wrasse? Maybe a big maroon clown Macro algaes Basically I only have the green wolf eel (Earl) in my new setup so looking for some more life! Located in SW Portland Beaverton area 503-929-eight7five4
  5. God I want it so bad. Any possible trade?
  6. As the title says, I know I can go to petco and pick two 24" ones up but figured I'd see if anyone has anything lying around. Thanks, The most common area code followed by 929-875four
  7. Low key I could use a big bag/bucket of salt also....
  8. I could meet in Milwaukie. You need anything from the tank?
  9. Plants and wood are being picked up tomorrow. Fish still available but will be taking to petstore by the end of the week
  10. Keep getting a server error when I try to upload some pictures. Just using mobile website 📱
  11. Hey hey, so I want to convert this 55g into a macro algae predator tank. I really mostly just need live rock or dry rock. What's for sale/trade/even frag trade if we must haha 10 Dwarf Neon Rainbows 4 clown loaches (1 is much larger than the other baby 3) 1 royal pleco 7-8 Peppered Cory's Lots of Java fern and anubius species. I'm bad with plants so don't ask 😂 Large pieces of nice and pretty bog wood. Virtually no tannins anymore. Not sure what they are all worth so throw some offers. If you can adequately supply me with enough rock and maybe some macros that's all I need and we could have an even trade 😎 Otherwise I'm not sure, $150ish for everything? I'm trying to upload pics but it's not letting me. Text me at 503-929-eightsevenfivefour Going to try and upload them as a comment here shortly
  12. I have a big a$$ rainbow nem 50 bucks or trade
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