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  1. Made a solid 3 for 3 coral trade and was super stoked. Was able to view his three tanks as well and they are in top notch shape. One of his tanks used to be my old one so super small world! Definitely will do business with again and good chance pretty soon! Thanks again @Teramelos
  2. A sumped rimless system of similar size would be cool too...
  3. Anyone? 😬 It's a rare size AIO I get it...
  4. What you think? We have a deal? Busy this weekend but maybe later this week.. The center one is my favorite. Notice the nice patterns it has under the actinics?
  5. Yeah I could probably use those too. Wanna make a trade? I have miss matching pillow cases I don't need anymore?
  6. Would you be willing to part out the dust and dirt? No need for the 20g... 😜
  7. https://blueseasaquariums.com/products/dragon-lady-bounce-mushroom https://tckcorals.com/product/dragon-lady-bounce-mushroom-2-nov-2019-11-16/?v=7516fd43adaa https://lazyscoralhouse.com/collections/zoas-softies/products/dragon-lady-bounce https://www.milehightides.com/mushrooms/dragon-lady-bounce-mushroom Googled "dragon lady bounce mushroom" all these results where on the first page. Solid good bounces on all. Not trying to diss your post but just wanna make sure someone local doesn't get misslead 👍
  8. Glad it's obo...online has these for about a third your price and that's retail and the bounces are much more pronounced on online wysiwyg...
  9. Nice! Yeah I really like the simplicity of AIO (especially in an apartment) and the SR would be peeeerfect!
  10. Nice rosy colors and price!
  11. My nuvo 40 is getting a little cramped a SR60 would be the perfect upgrade. No need for stand but if you have one I'd be down. Tank can be totally bare as I have all equipment needed! Shoot me a PM with what ya got! I have a lot of high end coral I can trade too. Cheers!
  12. I feel like skimmers haven't really changed much in the past 10-15 years. Just a plastic tube that a pump mixes water and bubbles into
  13. It literally looks like it might so will do! Some days it's seriously 10" across, sorta looks like it might be figure 8ing soon.
  14. Fire and Ice Zoas I could most likely scrape some and throw them in a frag plug for ya?
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