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  1. 😀anyone got one????
  2. Good news everyone! LadAShark has a home for him
  3. Taking him to Cayes tomorrow or Friday if no takers
  4. Honestly about 3-3.5" not very big. Wish I knew when I could upgrade but I fear he may outgrow the tank. Price is obo. Mostly want good home
  5. Anyone want a baby panther grouper? Simply want to make sure he goes to big home. He's a baby now in my 55g. Not sure when I'll upgrade but they grow slower so if no takers I'll keep for awhile. $30 obo or trade?
  6. They're located downtown so they have a downtown personality... The wet spot that is
  7. Close please
  8. I'll take a 20 or 30 gallon long 😁
  9. Want a leopard gecko setup. Have cash and coral to trade. Thanks!
  10. Yeah could I??? text me if you do not mind 503-niner2niner-875four
  11. Anyone have any ez pz macros? Need some more color in my predator macro tank, only have a couple softies and some dragons breath. Would love calpera or something "leafy" Cheers!
  12. oops I just posted looking for some, my bad. Don't wanna be repetitive. Does anyone have any tho?
  13. Any of the LFS sell these little dudes? Need some spot treatment in my Nuvo 40. I guess I will start calling around if anything 🤷‍♂️ I don't feel like making a large order online, I guess I could down the road and add macros for my predator build... https://saltyunderground.com/category/berghia-nudibranch-the-natural-choice-for-aiptasia-control
  14. Closest I can get to getting what the Black Widow Nem looks like color wise. Probably not as purple (not my best editing) Incinerators Utter Chaos
  15. Yellow Watchman and Ricordias SPS and Chrysiptera hemicyanea (Azure Damsel) Sticks! Nuclear Green Palys Candy Cade and Azure
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