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  1. Everything left from reefing

    Pending to sharklover. Thanks
  2. Everything left from reefing

    Sorry for the late response. I responded to all the emails. Also, I live in BEAVERTON. Thank you .
  3. I am moving and these are what I found. Everything for 40 dollars. There are some that I ordered from brs that aren't opened.
  4. Envision tank and sum for sale

    Sorry, it was sold several months ago.
  5. reef octopus skimmer.

    I have a octopus skimmer for sale. The pump is working perfectly. However, the pipe of the skimmer that is attached to the pump is broke . I glued it together and it seems there is no leakage. It is sold for 40 dollars. I think the pump itself is worth that much. I used to have it in my 125 gallon tank.
  6. Apex succes story

    Lol. I am glad the apex has worked out for you. It is always a good gadget to have for a reef tank.
  7. vortech mp40w for sale

    Your welcome. It was nice to meet you.
  8. price reduced to 70 dollars. weekend bump
  9. Happy Birthday MrBret!

    Happy Birthday, Brett.
  10. vortech mp40w for sale

    Yes. They are wireless.
  11. vortech mp40w for sale

    Yes. It is quiet. I pm my phone.
  12. vortech mp40w for sale

    Sorry, the last one has a defective DRY side, not wet side