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  1. I did skimmerless for a few years much more work and getting nutriants out is a pain
  2. Looking to upgrade from my pain in the butt euro brace tank looking for full set up reef would like the lights but not a must have need sump and maybe some plumbing anywhere from 50 gallons to meh id say 120 Let me know if anyone has anything tanks have been going fast these past months If the tanks have coral and fish ill take them too Cash in hand
  3. Guess im not worthy lol Off to rons storage unit then lol
  4. It is an olded tank its a euro brace truvu there has been stretch marks by the seem not to this extent but last night before bed these where not there but the green glow was
  5. Dollar tree glowstick theres a chemical in it that makes plastic soft its in nail polish ect..
  6. Last night my daughter broke a glowstick went all over the house woke up this morning to glowstick on the fishtank and it did this Have no other tank its a 50 gal mixed reef Lay it on me how long do i have if not long who wants to buy some live stock
  7. Dude that sucks youve had those acans for a while they are beast lol youll be back all reefers come back lol let me know if you need someone to snag that bad a** tank you got lol Oh and when you come back ill shoot some of those digis your way haha good luck man
  8. If they dont snag number 4 im 3rd lol im in salem as well
  9. Massive 6x7 bull loved that i was the only one tall enough to scratch him
  10. I cannot belive this stuff is still here great prices! All the good stuff is in washington 😕
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