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  1. Vis

    Miss you all!

    I wish I could Kim but I'm working. I work most Saturday's which is why I miss all the fun meetings. Have a great time!!!!
  2. Vis

    Miss you all!

    Well , as some of you might remember, I had a tank crash a while back and to be honest, I've never quite recovered. We went back to South Africa in October for a month so decided to shut down what was left of my tank and take a break. Since returning, I still don't have the motivation to start again. I'm hoping I'll regain my confidence/ enthusiasm soon ! In the meantime I keep checking in on all of you and hope things are going well!!! Take care Darice
  3. Vis

    What did you say?

    Me " What is the difference between those two?" Irritated answer: " one is a snail and one is a crab " ????
  4. Loving this thread!!! I'll stock up on popcorn and stay tuned????
  5. Vis

    Tank crash........

    So sorry about your crash!! It stinks! I've still not recovered from mine. Good luck!
  6. Vis

    Tank crash

    Thanks! You people are great!!!!!
  7. Vis

    Tank crash

    Thank you! That is very kind of you. I'm just going to take it slow and get my confidence back !
  8. Vis

    Tank crash

    It was most likely longer. I had a bad migraine so I didn't check on the tank like I usually do a few times a day. My daughter fed the fish but she doesn't know enough to notice any changes. I guess it was just really bad timing and bad luck. I wish I'd caught it sooner but my head was pounding and I was in survival mode . Very sad!!! I feel terrible about it!
  9. Vis

    Tank crash

    I just want to thank everyone for the advice and kind offers. I tested the water and apart from the alkalinity being a bit low it looks like the big change in temp did it. My nitrates are high too but that's because of the die off. I'm doing a water change to fix that now and going to run a new batch of carbon. I'll see how things look tomorrow. Right now it looks like 2 fish lost and most of my favorite corals . The cheap ones look fine! Go figure!!! I'd always thought an Apex system was too much but considering what I've lost I could have easily bought one . Anyway , I'm sure once things are stable again I'll start building it up again. Right now I just want to keep the remaining corals alive and happy!
  10. Vis

    Tank crash

    Thanks all! So far the only change I could find is that my heater showed an error message and the temp dropped to 68. Not sure if that could account for the big loss? I'm slowly increasing it now.
  11. Vis

    Tank crash

    Thank you! I'll do some investigating tomorrow. Now that I'm over the initial shock and horror I'm feeling more ready to move on.
  12. Vis

    Tank crash

    Good point Kim. I'll have hubby do a water change tomorrow morning! I don't have ready made water on hand to do it tonight so I'll send him to buy some tomorrow and just hope nothing else dies!!!
  13. Vis

    Tank crash

    You are such a sweetie. Unfortunately I have the second day of my boring conference on tomorrow. Hip and knee replacements . I'll have to do the water change when I get home. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for your kindness! I feel a bit better
  14. Vis

    Tank crash

    Thanks Kim!!! Anything is possible especially with 4 kids. I'll take stock tomorrow and figure out what to do . Probably a big water change tomorrow. Right now I'm too tired and sad ! It's great that people understand!!! To me, taking care of corals and fish is a huge responsibility so I feel sad and guilty at the same time