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Found 24 results

  1. Hello, Saltwater set up I am selling my whole tank set up and getting out of the Hobby. This is a 20 gallon tank from innovative Marine, a 20 gallon AIO fusion tank. This tank holds water and the seals are good. Selling all of this for $300.00 as a set up OR best offer within reason. Send me a PM if you are interested. Things that come with this tank. 20 Gallon Nano Innovative Marine Fusion tank Calcium reactor Vortex MP10 With controller Mighty Jet 538 GHP with Controller Paradise Coral 25 dollar Gift Certificate comes with the setup Salinity tester and TDS meter Please respond back looking to let go ASAP all is ready to leave my house.
  2. 15 gallon Nano reef tank for sale. 3 years old. Comes with all livestock and equipment. Includes 110gpd RODI water filter and quarantine tank with equipment and medicines. HOB skimmer/refugium with overflow, Hydor Wavemaker with pumps, ATO, LED lights with supplementation, heaters, water buckets, supplements, and salt ect. Everything you will need to run a successful Nano reef tank. Willing to part out if no one wants to buy it all. Livestock must go first. Getting out of the hobby for now, I’ll be moving out of state. $500
  3. Thought I would give a quick review of the IceCap K1 Nano Skimmer. I have an Innovative Marine Nuvo Pro 25 Lagoon that has a pretty small chamber to put a skimmer in. I originally tried IM's little BioSkim DC skimmer. It was less than satisfactory on all levels. I was able to improve the performance of the IM skimmer slightly by designing and 3D printing a better venturi, but it still never produce a decent skimmate. So, on to the review of the K1. Construction and Materials: The skimmer seems to be very well made and out of the box I was impressed with the construction and materials. It comes with a nice magnetic mount for systems that need it. For the IM25 Lagoon it is not needed. In other reviews of the skimmer, it was noted, that the first version had a less than effective venturi. The newest version of the venturi actually looks like a venturi should, with the intake being shaped as an inverted vortex for flow and resulting in better air induction. The collection cup actually resembles bigger skimmer cups. The lid has a baffle and the inlet is cone shaped. The internal skimmer level adjustment knob is very nice. The knob has engraved directional indications for higher or lower level. I would recommend highlighting these with a permanent marker to make them easier to see. The silencer is a decent size and I talk about noise later in the review. The pump is a little guy with a needle wheel. The pump attachment will be my only gripe about the construction, the pump outlet is friction fit into the bottom of the skimmer via a drilled hole. When you go to remove the skimmer from the system the pump stays behind and you have to pull it out with the power cord. A nut or something else securing for the pump to the skimmer would be nice. To remove the skimmer and the pump together you have to pull both the skimmer and the pump cord at the same time. Fit in the IM25 Lagoon: Well, that's an easy one, it fits. The second chamber on the IM25 lagoon is a staggering 2.8”x 4”x 7.9”. The 2.8" x 4" foot print doesn't give you a whole lot of room to cram a skimmer in there. The published foot print of the K1 Nano is 2.7" x 3.2" and with it rotated diagonally in the second chamber it fits nicely. The level adjustment knob sits just above the rim of the tank and the cup sticks up a few more inches. The prescribed water level for the skimmer is 7" - 9" and the IM25L second chamber is ~8", so it works out perfectly. Break In: To break the skimmer in, I ran it in a gallon pitcher with a cup or two of vinegar and RO/DI up to about 8" on the skimmer body for about 4 hours. After that I rinsed it off in RO/DI and ran it for another hour or so in straight RO/DI. Then I installed in the tank. Operation: After powering on the skimmer I adjusted the bubbles without the collection sup installed to the rim of the body of the skimmer and installed the cup. There is very little noise from the silencer. As a matter of fact there is no noise from the silencer. All of the noise is from the pump itself. That will be my only other complaint about the skimmer. It did take a few days tinkering with the level adjustment to get the skimmer dialed in. This was also another complaint from the other reviews that I read. But, show me a skimmer that doesn't require adjustment to get it just right for the system that it is installed in. My tank only has two little clown fish and some LPS, so my bio load is very low, yet the skimmer still get a decent amount of skimmate every 4 or 5 days. The cup is easy to clean albeit a bit hard to get on and off the skimmer due to the o-ring. Overall Impression: I would definitely recommend this skimmer for AIO tanks that do not have a lot room for bigger skimmers. It is 100 x better than the IM BioSkim DC that is for sure.
  4. Hi everyone, My name is Shane. I'm setting up my first reef in a 20g long. I'm hoping it'll bring long-term enjoyment while I wait for my university to reopen. I am looking for a few materials for setting up. Let me know if you have anything, especially if you are located near or around Portland, Beaverton, or Hillsboro. Light - Looking for a budget (ideally LED) system that's output is largely blue. 10lbs of dry rock - I'm willing to try wet/damp live rock options if it's less than 4-5$ a pound Aragonite sand (ideally still new and in packaging) Refractometer Reef salt (Instant ocean or something similar) I'm also curious what the cost of RO/DI water (per gallon) is at the local fish stores. Thanks, Shane
  5. 29g Tank and lid: 10 bucks Small 75w heater: free Macro hob m-50 skimmer: 30 bucks Hiparigro led: 30 bucks Pic was when tank was running. Broken down and onto a new one.
  6. Hi everyone, I am trying to get back to this. I used to have a 90g display and 55 sump/fuge that I had just gotten the way I liked and was building livestock when I moved to the Seattle area (from Corvallis) and couldn't take it. In a condo I lived in at first, I converted a standard 29g aqeon tank into a peninsula by adding some black acrylic to one end. I'll post pictures soon, but I've got about 4-5" on one side that's behind the acrylic. It's split roughly in half with an over/under so there's a 3-4" overflow from the main tank to a 'fuge', then over/under to the return section. return is powered with a hydor pico 70 (20" head max). flow: I've got two hydor koralia 240s running now and am trying to clean up a koralia 700. assuming about 25g of display, that's 47x water flow, but I'm thinking I'll put the 240s on a simple wavemaker, so it'll be more like 37x flow (still not counting the 70gph return's flow). lighting: dual 20w LED, one 10000K, the other actinic blue, can be separately timed. Have a moonlight kit I need to assemble was thinking of adding a submersible light for PAR in the 'fuge' to grow chaeto or micro on a grid for nutrient export, have not purchased yet substrate: Tank was initially set up about 2 years ago, was stabilizing for about 4 months, then I moved to my house and it's been having zero maintenance since then (luckily no livestock except substrate). Not even topoff or heater. no flow, zero maintenance. about 40lbs of rock, mostly dry, about 10lbs was live two years ago... about 2" of sand. was from one of those questionable 'live sand' bags (again, 2 years ago) Yes, I have a BRS 5-stage RODI. I've just got the tanked topped up and am starting a series of 5g water changes, hoping to replace most of the water within a month (5g at a time). I'm ignoring the tank's salinity while doing these, just making sure the new water is dead on. Choices to make: * Do I put a ~5000K submersible light bar in the 'fuge' and grow chaeto or have grid for microalgae? or do I put a tiny skimmer in there? Maybe both if I put the skimmer above the return pump? * Have a topoff I haven't set up yet, should I add nutrients to this? I have a 10g glass laying around I'll probably use to store the source and a diaphragm pump I'll use to move the water * Should I bother with a backpack skimmer? I have an old one (have to check brand) that I once had on a 55g I could probably use livestock: None yet, but I have a vision! I would love to make this an SPS tank with VERY minimal motile livestock. at most, I'm thinking a shrimp or two and MAYBE a small fish (goby?). I'm imagining a tank of montis and acros and something encrusting. I would consider a LPS or something too, especially lower in the tank So once I get the water changes through, I think I'll get 10lbs ish of LR rubble to stick in the return area, just to make sure there's still something live in there. Probably chuck in some tiny shred of something from the seafood aisle and let that ride for a while. Then I'll get to livestock. Thoughts? I know there's a bunch of nano people here, so please give your suggestions for livestock and for my 'choices' that are pending.
  7. Coming soon to Albany Oregon.... another Pico reef jar. This one's pretty small at about .87 gallons total without any substrate or rock! Gunna try a new idea of having the top seal tight at the top so I can put a pump somewhere else in a sump of sorts and have it push water through the system, instead of an overflow. Lighting will be from a diy light that I built which consists of 8 spectrums including 415n, 430n, 440n, 470n, 500n, 650n, 5k white, and 20k white. The livestock for this one will be high end "designer" zoas and palythoa and maybe a really nice sps centerpiece. The for sure livestock so far will be: - hallucination paly - utter chaos paly - rainbow incinerator zoa - Darth maul zoa - pink diamond zoa - and more.. I'll be up for suggestions if anyone has a nice zoa or paly to add.
  8. Gunna experiment here with something fun and a bit new. I was scrounging around and found some acrylic sheets and some plumbing fittings and decided to make a 1 gallon mini cube DT. It will have water pumped from the sump of my main tank into this one then back though the bulkhead and will be mounted on the wall next to the main DT. Now the question is, should I make this into a small single red mangrove refuge (which would increase nutrient export and increase copopods which equals more food for the ruby red dragonet), or make this into a really cool little zoa/paly mini tank... I'm split between the two.
  9. Could someone recommend a UV Sterilizer that will work with my Nano Cube 28g? The overflow chamber space is only 2.7" long and 2.7-3" wide depending on chamber. I've seen some that are built for the Innovative Marine series, but that doesn't mean it works for Nano Cubes. Thanks
  10. Full View Aquariums: We Built 2 Nano Tanks -- WIN BOTH! Full View Aquariums: Win a Nano Reef or a Freshwater Planted Tank!
  11. Hey everybody, So I caught the bug after an almost 20-year hiatus from reef keeping. After deciding a while ago to set up a little reef tank and filling it with water it leaked all over my floor. The next day I went out determined to fix the problem and accidentally bought a Red Sea Max Nano. Needless to say, it's awesome. My only problem I have now is a lack of patience. Right now I'm happy with a couple of shrimp, 2 clowns, a torch, zoa colony, hammer and a polyp I can't remember the name of. I am pretty excited to find this community here in Portland and looking forward to Sunday's meet-up. Cheers!
  12. Biocube 29's are easily one of the most common tanks in this hobby, especially for nano's, so its no surprise that thats my first salty tank. i have about 30 pounds of live rock in the tank, in an arrangement that I think should do well. my current plan is to have this be a euphyllia dominated tank, with Frogspawn, Torches and maybe a Hammer. Im also considering a dedicated Zoa rock and maybe a few other things. all LPS or Softies though. my current stocking is 8 hermits, 2 turbos, one Occelaris clown, one Banggai Cardinal, one Royal Damsel, and one Lawnmower blenny. .its been setup for about two months, and im just about to get started with a few corals. starting with hopefully a frogspawn or two this weekend.while this is my first saltwater tank, it is my 4th overall tank, I have 3 others. a 29 gallon high-tech planted tropical community tank, a 20 gal low-tech planted freshwater semi-aggressive tank, and a 20 gallon tank with my first, and favorite, fish, a big ol' goldie named Jasper. so while this is my first dive into saltwater,(other than cliffjumping in cabo a few years back), I think that im on the right track, however any and all suggestions and tips are GREATLY appreciated, cause I think I know a good bit, but I probably dont. pics to come, thanks for reading!
  13. My Hydor slim skim went bye bye. Needed a skimmer for 30 gallon all in one. JBJ rimmless, but probably many models will work. You name the fair price. Even better, used Hydor that still works. Can also use a hang-on back for other 30 gallon tank.
  14. I have a 28 gallon nano tank and am struggling to keep it at a consistent temperature inside my house or in the aquarium. What is more economical: buying a chiller for the aquarium, or just keep using the current window air conditioning unit and running up the electricity bill even when I'm gone? Are ice probes an effective way to go? What would I expect to spend on new or used equipment like a chiller?
  15. Got the new tank set up today. That is work... Tomorrow is going to be a rough day at real work, but I really wanted to get things filled. First pics. Just got into the house...meant to take the cost sheet off of it...gave the BF sticker shock LOL. Lots of hiding places in this rock. I wish it was a bit taller, but I guess I will just get some top tank swimmers, or add some more at some point.
  16. Time to be reborn. Starting a new tank at a new apartment. This time it's going to be clean and smart.
  17. It's been a few years since I last posted. I ended up selling my 72g system back in either late 2011 or early 2012. I had been travelling with my job and my daughter just didn't want to manage maintenance in my absence. It was a tough decision, but the right one for me at the time. I was so afraid the tank would just crash in my absence and that would have devastated me Well its 2017, no more travel, I am about to set up a 24g Aquatop RC24G. Heading out to pick it up at Barrier Reef, here in Renton. I actually have a JBJ 28g Nano Cube arriving from and online retailer but when I saw this nice rimless setup at the store yesterday, came home and did some research and decided I will send the JBJ back when it arrives. Glad to be back. Looking forward to devouring the expertise that I have always found with this group. Trying to remember...is there a membership fee? Mine is overdue I bet!! (edit - found the link. Done)
  18. Helping a friend Sell some corals locally. These look healthy and have thrived in his IM tank for a couple of years and he's a great guy to deal with. Here is his Ad: https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/for/6073691508.html If you would like to contact Tom directly, he can be reached at tomallanboyd@gmail.com
  19. Sean.G's Reefer Nano I spent 20 mins typing a tank thread then my web browser crashed and I lost it, so here is my new one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway this tank is a Red Sea Reefer Nano. Its a pretty good tank that is pre-drilled with a sump. The display is 21 gallon 18 inches cubed, with something like an 8 gallon sump for 29 gallon total volume. I go to university at OSU and don't have tones of money to throw at it but its doing pretty good about a year in. Besides the tank nothing else is too fancy. Lighting is the Marine Orbit Pro LED, thinking about adding a 2 bulb T5 to supplement it and get some different colors. An Aquamaxx Skimmer, 175 GPD RODI, Cheap Powerhead return pump all that jazz. Things I would like to add in the future, the T5's or maybe another or different LED setup. Maybe a Calcium Reactor if I start keeping more SPS, I already have a CO2 tank from past planted freshwater tanks. I have also thought about turning a canister filter into a GFO chamber. Possibly adding dosing equipment again if I get into a heavier stock of corals. Also an Auto Top off because adding two mason jars of water a day get annoying. Anyway here is what I have in my tank and then some Pictures at the end! CUC 5 Nassarius Snails 4 Astraea Snails 2 Nerite Snails 1 Tiger Conch 1 Emerald Crab 1 Bee Snail Fish & Stuff 1 Blood Orange Misbarr Clown 1 Occelarris Clown 1 Madarin Dragonet 1 Cleaner Shrimp Coral & Stuff Birdsnest Orange Ricordia Purple Mushroom Hairy Blue Mushroom Green Mushroom Duncan pompom xenia tricolor Acan Green Toadstool Leather A bunch of "plain" Zoas Orange Rock Flower Nem Maximini Nem Pictures coming soon I want to post this so the text is all saved!
  20. Looking for something like a Kessil a160w, AI hydra, NanoBox, anything of the sorts. Thanks.
  21. So I found this tiny bottle, and figured, that needs some coral.. So here it is.. The start to a tiny nano.. Bookshelf nano Maybe just GSP, Xenia, and majanos in there for now.. No feeding, just some sunlight and WC once a month
  22. For sale is a new in the box Desktop IM media reactor. I did set it up and ran it for 24 hours, but didn't end up using it on my system. Reactor is new in box and comes with tank bracket, reactor and pump. Price is $80.00 firm. No trades. Cash Only. Located in Tualatin. More information: http://www.amazon.com/Innovative-Marine-MiniMax-Media-Reactor/dp/B00BTGC3N6
  23. Starting up a 8g Nuvo full of zoas.. Here are its humble beginnings.. Not the final placement but it's a start for now
  24. So I have a new Nuvo 8g and just got a new lid, but I think its lid cuts down on gas exchange in the water. It has greatly cut down on the evaporation I used to experience.. but now Im worried I dont have enough air exchange to keep fish alive.. I 'had' a blenny in there who the night after I noticed wasn't moving to much and was gasping for air in the tank.. I added a second powerhead aimed at the surface and let it bubble around but it was too late, by morning he was gone Has anyone else used the lid on their tank? or does it limit the gas exchange to much for SW tanks? Maybe a lower water level in the chamber to allow water to crash in the back and churn up more bubbles? Or add more LR in the chamber in the back for more bacteria to grow? Advise please!
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