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  1. Hozer21

    40 breeder breakdown sale

    Yes thx jack for the items for my sons tank
  2. Hozer21

    New store hours!

    Congrats on the new space Jeff and hopefully sometime I can make it out there to see u and the shop
  3. Well I haven't pick mine up yet from the person that got it for me since I have been busy but I can post hopefully later today but anyways here is my tank break down 40 gallon nuvo (cube) No skimmer Ai prime at 60% white , 80 %blue , 85% Royale blue , this is at the highest point Pump what ever came with the nuvo
  4. Hozer21

    couple corals left for sale

    I'll take the gonipora
  5. I won't be able to make it to cuttlefish thou
  6. Hozer21

    2 items for sale

    I have a brs single chamber gfo/carbon reactor with pump for $25 . If you would like a picture pm your number and I'll send you a pic And I also have a rodi unit for sale as well $60 I don't use anymore and if you would like a picture pm me and if you have any questions feel free ask Thanks Jose
  7. Hozer21

    2 items for sale

    Bump The RO unit is still available
  8. Hozer21

    2 items for sale

    Reactor sold and rodi still up for sale
  9. Hozer21

    2 items for sale

    Pmed you back Matty
  10. I was looking to see if anyone has a skimmer lying around for a 40 gallon Nuvo cube and wanted to see if anyone has a powerhead lying around as well . So please let me know if anyone has one of these items . I would prefer something close to where I live (Vancouver wa) Thanks Jose
  11. Hozer21

    2 items for sale

    Bump and trade are welcomed
  12. Hozer21

    Looking for a couple items

    I guess no one has anything:( ok I'll order some then
  13. Hozer21

    Feedback on 10g sump refugium

    IMO it looks good and workable
  14. Hozer21

    2016 Fantasy Football

    Well I think if we can't get any one we should just make a dummy team for easy win IMO
  15. Hozer21

    2016 Fantasy Football

    Sry bud been out and haven't got on in a while but your paid and in ready
  16. Hozer21

    2016 Fantasy Football

    Can u send me your pay pal
  17. I'll be in if there 10 people's
  18. Hozer21

    TheClark Jr 60 Gallon Cube Build

    Well I thought that tank looked familiar lol and it's looking great man
  19. Hozer21

    Looking for GFO reactor

    Just hit me up
  20. Hozer21

    Looking for GFO reactor

    I got one