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  1. Tank is all setup with sump on bottom floor. Didn't want the tank upstairs just incase I had any spill emergencies! Will be painting the stand white soon so it matches the decor better.
  2. Hey gents. The sump is about finished curing and I'm making finishing touches. I am not positive I'm going to leave the pot scrubbies like this but I want some kind of mechanical filtration. I put silicone pot holders in the return chamber to reduce vibration and also nonskid pads under the sump to further reduce vibration. Any last minute comments?
  3. Just finished my redesign last night. From left to right, filter sock, refugium, return pump. Trying to keep it simple. Any feedback? One person on another site suggest that the first baffle either have a gap underneath or have a gap in the middle because as it is there would be insufficient flow through the refugium. What are your guys' thoughts on this?
  4. I picked up some GE 100% silicone Type I and was wondering how long I should let it cure in my sump before using the sump? The bottle says 24 hour cure time but I've heard I should wait much longer. Thoughts?
  5. So, some backstory and follow up here. A while back I was looking at my Leave & Earnings Statement and noticed my pay was not right. I talked to finances and they said I'd be getting a check for $1200 and that was the money I was going to use on this tank. Lo and behold, the finance department also noticed they OVER paid me $1600 so they'd be taking the $1200 and I would have to pay them the $400 difference... FML right?! Long story short, if you're in the military... CHECK EVERY LES!!
  6. I'm redoing my sump soon to accommodate a fuge and I need some inspiration for the design. I'd also like to hear about the pros, cons, and what you'd change in the next redesign. Thanks!!
  7. I see it selling for $129 on Amazon.com...
  8. I spoke to the guy and found out some info. He has one offer at $325. The wavemaker is a Jebao RW-8 and the skimmer is a Macro Aqua M-50. His corals are a green BTA, 2x frogspawn, and two others whose names I can't remember lol. The light is the generic eBay 165w LED. Anyone know anything about the wavemaker or skimmer?
  9. Someone nearby is selling an entire tank and one of the pieces that comes with it is a Macro Aqua M-50 HOB skimmer. When I went to go look at it, it was full of skimmate so I guess that proves it works? idk. Here's an Amazon link. Price isn't a huge concern for me because as I said it comes with a tank. I don't have a skimmer right now but I'm looking to add one to my sump. What do you guys think of this model?
  10. I'm going to resell the tank, light, and most of the rock. I already have an established 29g with 10g sump. I'll just take the fish, coral, and skimmer. Sell the rest.
  11. Stumbled upon this Craigslist ad and am wondering if you guys think it's a good deal. Here's the description:
  12. Well I finally decided to pick up a used jigsaw for $15... and it solved my problem! Rather than cutting away the back wall which is definitely a load bearing wall, I cut a notch in the vertical piece that the hinges are mounted on. This most likely does help support the load but is not as vital as the main perimeter walls of the stand. Here's pics:
  13. Here is my V2 for comparison...
  14. I'm interested in setting up a 10g sump under my 29g tank and need some last minute feedback. My main goal since space is so limited is to have a refugium and a filter sock. I doubt I'll have a skimmer as I aim to have a small bioload. How does this look?
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