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  1. littlenano

    Help with Kenya tree and xenia

    My Kenya tree looks like it is losing it's skin and my xenia is sucked down tiny and sickly looking. I took my water in and had it tested they said it was good. Any ideas
  2. Any chance you would be willing to ship them? I don't really have the ability to travel outside the Eugene area.
  3. littlenano

    Spots on my clown

    I just noticed my clown has lots of little white spots on him that were not there yesterday. I spent half the day yesterday just sitting and watching him so i know for a fact they were not there. I turned the light on this morning and lots of spots. I am not sure what to so. I have treated ick in a freshwater tank but don't know what to do with it in a saltwater tank. Advise please
  4. littlenano


    Looking for GSP. Needs to either be in the Eugene area or be willing to ship as I can not go far from home. If anyone has any they would like to sell please let me know. Thank you.
  5. Is there any chance you would be willing to ship? I would be more than happy to pay for it.
  6. Anyone in the Eugene area have any of these for sale?
  7. Thank you so much, GSP are my favorite. I could just sit and watch them for hours Unfortunately I am not going to the meeting Sunday. It is too far for me to travel. If anyone from our area (eugene area) is going and wouldn't mind picking them up for me and I could meet up with them when they get back I would appreciate it.
  8. I have been out of the hobby for awhile easing my way back in and I am wanting to start back up with simple corals. If anyone has any beginner type corals that they would be willing to part with please let me know.
  9. I have an eight year old daughter that is in love with her fish tank. I think it is a 29 gallon it is about 30" wide. We bought it used and the light did not work. I am looking for two things for it. The glass cover (to keep the bubbles from splashing the light) and a new hood. I forgot to mention it is a freshwater "guppy tank" If anyone in the Eugene area has one that they would like to sell or anyone that is further away that they would be willing to ship I would love to get her a new light, her plants are not doing so well with my make-shift light.
  10. littlenano

    WTB aquapod or biocube

    I am looking for an aquapod or biocube, nothing special just the tank. i have a 24g and i enjoy it so much i would like to find another one. Let me know what you have and how much you would like for it. Thank you
  11. littlenano


    Breefcase - yhank you so much for the GSP
  12. i would love to come and get the GSP zoas and the clown
  13. littlenano


    reefsafari - i would love some but i am not going to the meeting :(
  14. littlenano


    Breefcase - Thank you, thank you, Thank you. When would you like me to come and get them?
  15. littlenano


    If anyone in the Eugene area has any GSP that they would like to sell let me know. I am always looking for GSP they are my fav