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Chasing Stable Alk - APEX Alk Test Every Hour For Over 24 Hours

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7 hours ago, TheClark said:

I do, but the chaeto all vaporized 😂 

So now its just a very brightly lit empty fuge.


Glad I'm not the only one. 

If my corals crashed as often as my chaeto does, I think I'd have left the hobby long ago. It goes through boom/bust cycles in most of my tanks, and I cant figure it out. I've tried dosing iron etc, nothing helps. 

I always just grab some from one of my other tanks and transfer it over to restart the chaeto. So far this has worked but if all my chaeto ever crashes at once I'm gonna be screwwwed.

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Update for anyone interested, or just my online ramblings...

Back to tests every six hours.

Decent results so far, over the last 48 hours 0.13 variation.  Now to hold that for a week/month/year...





You can see the nightly pre-planned shut offs (small phCRE bumps), and the big corrections that occur when alk goes too high (large phCRE bumps).





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