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  1. Hi Gradth, I'd love to take the rock off your hands. Any chance you can ship to Seattle at my expense? Or, meet me somewhere in between. I can wait a few weeks to get it!
  2. Hi all, I am setting up a new tank in a few months in Hawaii and want to bring my rock and sand with me since you cannot collect any from the wild in Hawaii. I need about 75lbs of rock and 50lbs of sand. Thanks all!
  3. Hi all, I have two 1/10 hp AquaEuro chillers for sale. $300 each or $550 for both of them. Comes with manual and fittings, no external pump. Description from Marine Depot below, these units are $500 when new. AquaEuroUSA - Max Chill Series titanium chillers are powerful cooling systems for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. They are powerful, compact, quiet and will maintain optimum water temperature for your aquarium. A digital LED temperature control display allows for user friendly programming. It features a built in memory recall which will maintain settings in the
  4. You really did! It's gorgeous. Mine were only ever a bright pinkish/red. Still great looking, but not like that guy. What was your experience with the Barnacle Blennies? It doesn't look like they made it long term :-(. But, I have thought about getting a few and wondered what you thought of them in your Nano.
  5. What a great looking tank! What is that Nem on the right hand side? Is it just a BTA, or something more exotic?
  6. This is a great looking Nano! Is it still up and running?
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