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Cheep corals!


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Okay, time to make some room in the tank. I have some softies and a couple of LPS up for grabs:


GSP frag - about 1.5" - $5 SOLD coralreefer



Sinularia (finger leather) - pic is of mother colony - 3" frags $5 (1 pending sale octoman, more available)



Brown/orange zoas - frag with about 7 polyps - $5



Kenya tree - about 4" tall - $10 PENDING octoman



Candy cane - medium green, 5 heads - $30



Brain coral (was told it's a favia when I bought it) - centers are fairly bright green. Margins were pretty green when I bought it, but faded in my tank. Put it in lower light and it colored up a little but... maybe it will color up more for you? Nice big colony - about 4" diameter and dome shaped. Asking $30. SOLD steelhead



OK - a couple more to add:


Green palys (with bright green highlights) - 5 total polyps (3 large, 1 med, 1 baby) on a frag disk- $5 PENDING stylaster




Fuzzy shroom rock - lots of polyps here, rock is about 3"x5" and totally covered - $20 SOLD coralreefer


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