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Parting out 100g acrylic system (Eugene)


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Parting out system. 100g Clarity Plus w/ stand & hood


Pair of 400w SE MH w/ ballast & bulbs, 1/10hp Chiller(CL280), 48" VHO actinics, lunar lights, ASM G1X skimmer, bunch of other stuff.


~65lbs live rock, 1-2" live sand, huge RBTA (size of a dinner plate), pair of maroon clowns (really need to go with RBTA), several hermits, one emerald crab, one pistol shrimp, fire angel, several corals I don't know the names of (shame on me), several I think I do (branching hammer, giant tubinaria, zoas)


Will entertain reasonable offers on any/all. Coburg Rd area of Eugene.


Feel free to send PM's








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Prices (feel free to make offers tho)


Tank/Stand/Canopy/sump w/o lighting.........$300


(2) 400w MH w/ PFO AQ2-400PS ballast, bulbs (14K?) & reflectors (bulbs about 3 mos old).........$180


60" VHO Actinics w/ ballast.............$125.00


Lunar lights x3......$20.00


RBTA......$65 (w/ pair of Maroon Clowns $100)


Live Rock.........$3.50/#




Chiller.......$150 (reasonable?, think I paid $350)


Amiracle Skimmer......$20


Anyway, have always bought stuff from LFS so I'm not sure if my prices are reasonable within the group. Feel free to make an offer on anything.


Willing to deal on package purchases.

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A few items still available


Items still available......MH lighting is gone so I would like to get rid of the rest ASAP so make offers.


For anyone interested in the tank/stand/canopy/sump/return pump & plumbing, I will sell as a package with the actinic & lunar lighting (since its already installed in the canopy) for $300

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