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I planned to buy # 1,2,and3 from jab504 sale.





My wife told me of a medical appointment she has comming up in a couple of days that can't be broken.... that left me short of cash. I have left a message for Jake to call me back. He doesn't know this yet and I feel terrible. I've never backed out of a buy before. Wife has canceled twice before so it isn't an option I don't want to mess up his sale. If he could waite a couple of weeks then that would be great but it isn't fair to mess him up. If any questions contact me. If your interested in what he has, please PM him. I know he is avaliable after 2:30 tomorrow as that was my time to meet him

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CCR' date=' I dealed with Jab504 before and he is a really nice guy. Matter fact I dealed with him twices ;-) dont feel bad because he is a really reasonable guy he will understand your sistuation, as long as you call him he work things out with you.[/quote']




I called him earlier left him a message to call me back. I didn't say what was going on. I felt that would be cold to do. I haven't heard back yet, but i didn't want to mess him up either so that's why I posted this. The pieces look ausum in his pic's and I wanted them. Still not fair to him commit and have to back out.

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I think the effort and start of this thread would probably clear things up for you. I wouldn't imagine this would cause much of an issue, but what do I know? Maybe you can still get them just have to hold off. Keep a positive outlook, he will more than likely be willing to work with you. JMO

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