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2008 Christmas Party Raffle & Auction Donations


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Our PNWMAS Sponsors have been generous with donations for our 2008 Christmas Party Raffle and Frag Auction!


Totally Exotic Corals

*Coral Frags


Waves Marine

*Bucket Instant Ocean Salt Mix

*Bucket Kent Marine Salt Mix

(2) Waves Marine T-Shirts (may be exchanged in store for correct color & size)



*Gift Certificates


Champion Lighting & Supply Co.

*Tsunami Auto Topoff http://www.championlighting.com/product.php?productid=17525&cat=388&page=1

*175W 1400K Blueline MH Lamp http://www.championlighting.com/product.php?productid=18475&cat=777&page=1

*Comp Controlled fish Feeder http://www.championlighting.com/product.php?productid=20989&cat=0&page=1


Premium Aquatics

*Gift Certificates


Soutas Saltwater

*Coral Frags


Precision Marine

*Redline Needlewheel Protein Skimmer - Model RL100 http://www.precisionmarine.com/html/rl100_series.html



*Zoanthid Frags (Zoos!)


Seahorse Aquarium

*Gift Certificates


The Fish Tank People

*Gift Certificates


Liquid Sunshine

*ReefKeeper 2 Controller http://www.digitalaquatics.com/m_product_info.php?part_number=30-0005-000


Envision Acrylics, Inc. - http://www.envisionacrylics.com/

*24" Acrylic Cube available for pickup after 2nd week of January 2009


Coral Reef Pet Center

*Books "The Reef Aquarium Volumes 1 & 2" (J.C.Delbeek/J.Sprung) http://www.twolittlefishies.com/tlf_books_books.html?lang_id=1


Rose City Aquarium

*Coral Frags


... I will update the list as more items are added:D Check back later!

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im lost so there will be an auction that you have to bid with cash/ like starting bid 5 bucks then someone cn bid 10 then 20 and so on? or just raffle tickets and you can win stuff?


Totally Exotic Corals has donated some very nice high end corals for us to auction off...this will be like you described...a bidding war(plotting)


There will also be items available, including corals, zoanthids, dry goods, gift certificates, etc available to buy raffle tickets for.


There will also be corals, dry goods, etc given away as door prizes.


Hope that clears it up!



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