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which salt?


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Red Sea Coral Pro at school for reefs

IO for Coldwater tank


Where can I buy this? I think I may try it. I have been useing crystal sea marine mix. How long have you guys been useing this red sea pro salt?


Thanks for your time everyone.



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I started with Red Sea Coral Pro since it's got good Ca, alk and Mg levels. If I had the money, the Tunze salt is pretty sweet... but daaang, spendy. Really, I don't think it matters so much what salt is used as much as stability in parameters.

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Is there a perticular reason you prefer this salt?

same question for impur as well


Yes...what is good about this salt? I read about Red Sea on Wetwebmedia.com and the guys there were comparing this salt to Red Sea's other products that are inconsistant and poor quality. I guess they said that they had not tried it and were leary because of Red Sea's track record of inconsistant quality and other problems with their products. I am not trying to bash redsea or their products here. I am just stating what I have been reading since yesterday and now since my first post in this thread. I have tried many different salt brands in the last 7 years and keep comming back to crystal Sea Marinemix. I have been haveing problems with my tank for the last few months so I am not saying that crystal seas salt is better. I have tried Reef Crystals once. I think this was my first ever salt purchase I ever made and cant but it locally in Vancouver. I have tried Instant Ocean which seems to work ok for the first bucket but when I get into the next bucket my tank just seems to look poor. Same thing happens when I try Oceanic. I think I even tried oceanic twice. I just change back to crystal sea and everything looks great again. I wish it mixed up with a higher cal and mag content.


Please do elaborate more if you can as to why you like the new red sea salt. I tried to find a thread on Reef Central so I could read feedback about it but could not find anything and they dont let you do a search on their website.


Thank You



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