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Brown/yellow spots


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Melanurus Wrasse - if you have the space.


I would recommend a Melanurus wrasse if you have the space. The Sixline i have is much more aggressive than the Melanurus and it's only 2". The Melanurus is about 4" and much more colorful. I do not have flatworms in my tank but I have heard both fish are supposed to eat them.


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Not yet?


I read that before i got the fish but was willing to take the chance since they are so beautiful. I have been watching how it acts around my 2 cleaner shrimp and blood shrimp, so far so good. All 3 of those shrimp are going on 2 years old so they are pretty big. I have 4 peppermint shrimp and have seen a couple of them lately. I hope the fish doesn't turn on them.


One thing i found interesting about the fish is how it eats algae from a clip with the Tangs. It loves the stuff and everything else i feed.

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