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Awesome Website...TRUELY THE BEST


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Well I guess I am tooting my own horn. I have been working on the website for Pet Time in Eugene, and I just thought I would share it with everyone. It is a pretty nice website, and actually shows a lot of the products, vs some other sites of LFS that only have a home page. Just give it a look around and tell me what you think. If you find anything wrong, or have suggestions, let me know.



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a little to dark, i would try lightening up the background a little.


when you go down the menu and hover over small animals, it changes the centering of the hole menu.


instead of having to go to another page to view subcatigories of the menu, you should make a drop down menu, or a pop out menu, or somthing of those sorts. instead of changing the size of the text when you hover over it, have a submenu pop out with all the choices.


generaly i have found that chat rooms dont work as well. usualy not enough people are on there at the same time. i would put togeather a forum, that way people can ask questions or make comments about the customer service, or there experience there.


I have never been a fan of the scrolling banner. makes me dizzy.

I would use photoshop and make a nice graphic banner. create a theme with colors and fonts and style for your home page and stick with that theme throughout the webpage.


Frames don't work on everyones computers, I wouldn't use them. even when they do work, different browsers mess them up. screen size also messes them up.


here is a big thing. i would keep the menu throughout the whole web site. other wise people get confused. you could actualy put a different pet at the top of the menu for each area. like for dogs put a dog, for freshwater put a fresh water fish, for saltwater put a saltwater fish ect.


well hope you don't think im a negative person. I'm just to the point. Just needs some fine tuning.


keep it up.

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Scrolling text? That went out of style when Netscape moved past 3.0.


Are you using CSS? If not, you should - that way things look consistent from one page to the next - having the menu shift around depending on the page is distracting.


Some pages don't have a method to get back to the main page - Planted for example is empty. That's rule #1 of web sites - always give a way out without relying on the back button.

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Well I guess I need to update my info here. I am actually just trying to clear up a few links and update pictures, not try to fix everything. I am new to websites, just started this, my first project, without prior experimentation about 3 days ago. I dont want to completely redo everything and spend a bunch of effort because I am doing this on trade, and I already took the 2 hours to take underwater pictures of all of his stuff, and then with the updates, time is adding up, and the trade is basically a no cost deal for him, and low cost for me, so I am just making sure everything is "ok".

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It can be difficult for there to be equality in trade situations. I give you tremendous credit for what you have done, I sure couldn't do it. Unfortunately, I have to agree with allot of the suggestions above in fixes. JMO. It could bring you business if the site is finished and you used it in a portfolio you build on. It may be a situation that you could do further trades/or receive payments keeping it updated. "Awesome Website...TRUELY THE BEST” I myself have been frustrated when I have agreed to a project that becomes much larger and intricate than I first thought. I really want to throw my arms up, or just puke. I puke, then finish, then puke again. But I’m not going to let it sit without resolve. I really like to sleep. Where only trying to help :)

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I understand. He wants to add pricing as well, and has on some of the older stuff, and prices are usually still current, but...with the exchange we made, I have done a lot of work. I am not sure that he wants to pay more for the work. He has talked about giving me like 2-3% of sales I make, and that just seems like a joke to me. So if I do $3000 worth of sales I get $90, just not worth the time.

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It's nice that you're doing this on a trade basis. The site needs a complete redo. 100%.


Get rid of scrolling text. No excuse for that. It's not 1995.


Get rid of the "email me" button graphic as well as view shopping cart. It's not 1995.


Not trying to be harsh but there really isn't much good about the site. Ditch it and start over. If you don't know how to start in Fireworks of Photoshop and do a mock, then slice up and code the least you can do is start with a wordpress or other CMS system and use a free skin. customize the header image and create pages in wordpress as opposed to posts. I can help walk you through that if you like.


The navigation is beyond inconsistant. You NEED to have consistant navigation. Same on every page, every page going to every other page. Think of a user trying to find his way around when the navigation keeps change position.


get rid of the date and time on the bottom and the counter. It's not 1995. Use google analytics and theres no need to tell me the date and time.

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