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I fall on the Pets/Pest side of the debate.


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Setting up a nano Real Soon Now ( like in a few days probably ).


I'd like to do a mantis tank, the only local one small enough ( it's a 7g AGA bowfront ) is $30 at Aqua Serene. ( Amazing what they're charging for a hitchhiker they consider a pest ). I don't know the name of the sales guy ( medium height, thin, mustache, brown hair ring a bell? ) but he didn't want to sell me it... ( I was going to bargain him down ).


He's ordered a peacock ( O. scyallarus ) but I'm not putting one of those in a nano ( they may be tank breakers, but that's like keeping a St. Bernard in an efficiancy apartment. Sure, you can do it, but should you? ).


Anyone know of someone looking to ditch their hitchhiker?

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Yeah, it sounds like Paul to me, too.


The owner would have been wearing a hat and been extremely rude! ;)


Oh, I know him on sight... and that's an accurate description of my experience with him.


Sean, a former sponsor, met him at a conference and he introduced himself to Sean as "Hi, I'm so and so, and I sell the most expensive fish in Oregon."

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i have one in my 300 gallon tank... if you can get it out you can have it. **** i hate that thing being in there.


Hmmm... I had one in my 75g for over a year, he was harmless. ( Funny enough, he didn't come in on my FL liverock, but was a hitchhiker from the 'guaranteed pest free' live rock tank at a certain Serene Water store... )


I was able to lure him out ( I moved him to a nano so I could watch him better ) by feeding live brine.

That let me identify his lair, and I flushed him out with some soda water.

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I know where his lair is... but there are about 3 pieces of liverock on top of it...


Do you think if i took a net put it over his lair and then used a turkey baster to shoot soda water into the hole that he'd come running out into the net all nice and easy like :) ?


sorry hi jacking your thread...

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