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Sunset monti


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We have a beutiful piece that is really taking off, but not yet ready to frag...when it is though we will post it(naughty)




Where'd you score that Kuda?


And sorry about forgetting my cooler/about that other frag the other weekend! I left the house that morning at 8am and wasn't quite thinking right. Is it still kickin' around?

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We got this at the Coral Farmers Market. It has sure grown since then!



Jeff, we do still have a frag of the green with purple rim monti cap for you...and 7 other smaller pieces for anyone else.


Are you coming to the game on Sunday? I'll make sure to bring the cooler this time :-) I'll have no excuses this time either ;)


The sunset is gorgeous - mark me down for a frag when it's time. :) Wow! Did it ever grow!


I'm hoping my rainbow monti will start to change polyp colors the base is growing well, but all the polyps are red. And my poker star is a red monti now too :( My baby blue polyp one is finally starting to grow new blue polyps, the old ones are a dull green/blue.

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