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Corals for sale


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Clove polyps on large frag plate - $20 SOLD

blue candy cane colony - $20 SOLD

green chalice large - $30 SOLD

green chalice medium frags - $15 SOLD

purple cap frags $5 SOLD

orange setosa frags $5 SOLD

neon green candy cane colony $30 SOLD

neon green candy cane 6 heads $10 SOLD

gorgonian large $20

green ora birdsnest colony $25 SOLD

bubblegum digi frags $10

mystic monti large $30 SOLD

outer space frag $10 SOLD

huge rock covered in chalice corals/setosa/sunset monti/cyphastrea/bubblegum digi/jack o latern and other stuff. $100 SOLD

I am consolidating tanks and have some other stuff you can look at while you’re here as well. I’m around tonight and this weekend in Vancouver. 








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Looks like most everything is sold except for the gorgonian and I have some bubblegum monti frags and some large green plating leptoseris frags. Thanks everyone. 

ill post up some fish and live rock some with corals growing on them soon. 

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