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7" Desjardini tang FS


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My move from 75gal to a 60gal cube won't leave enough room for my favorite tang, so i'm putting him up for sale. I have had him almost a year now, originally purchased from Ryan at Advanced before he closed. He is currently in QT as I just got done treating for ich. I treated for 21 days using cupramine. Loves any and all foods, doesn't touch corals.


$40 OBO pickup preferred or we could meet up somewhere. Fish is almost too big to bag up, a bucket would work best for transport.











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A Really Nice Tang


I would really like to make a good home for your tang but I wonder if my setup is large enough? Let me try to send you some data on setup and we can talk.

I been trolling the list for a long time and I actually looked for your post where you suggested a possible visiting others members tanks. It sounds like a great idea. Anyway I'd like to talk with you!

You can call me at 461-8743.

Franklin Snow

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Tang Doing Great!



Your Tang is doing great. Within 10 seconds after being introduced he/she began going after the algae on my rocks. So far he has eaten Formula 2 flake, mysis, algae wafer on a clip, and Reef Formula Flake. Pretty impressive! A real eater.(laugh)

I was very impressed by your tank. I wanted to visit longer but, I wanted to be respectful to your schedule and your guests. Hopefully we can have some time in the future?

When I used my refractometer on the transport bucket it registered 131. I calibrated it one week ago and will do so again. I slowly equalized the difference in my tank and everything was OK.

I showed a temperature of 73.5 on my thermometer in the bucket. I again, very slowly, rose the temperature.

Let me know when you want to move your green Ricordae. I would also, like to have it.

Best Wishes,


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