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Free acrylic work.


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I have been doing quite a bit of reading about working with acrylic, and am very interested in doing a lot of DIY stuff. I am a finish carpenter by trade and have all of the tools that I need, not to mention quite a lot of experience using them. Over the next few weeks I am going to be messing around with a few sheets and making some stuff that I need.


So heres my offer.

Once I have a good idea of how everything works, and have been sucessfull making a few of my own projects, I will be offering to make stuff for free. All you have to do is pay for the actual acrylic. I don't plan on trying to make any display tanks very soon. But if you need a sump or QT tank, grow out tanks, or anything else you can imagine, Id be up for it.


My disclaimer is that I am new at this. I am confident in my skills on the cutting, design, and construction, but I guess theres a chance I could make a ugly seam or something. I will take my time and be as careful as I can, but theres a chance something may not be beautiful. Cant really complain with free labor and all =D My guarentee is that it wont leak.


Also, tips in the form of beer money, pizza, or anything else cool you might have laying around will always be accepted. :D


Please note, this is not a business. Just some guy with a garage full of tools looking to learn. I reserve the right to cancel this offer at some point, though Im sure it wont be for a while. Feel free to post any interest you have in this. Thanks!

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Thanks for the offer! I am already thinking of a top-down photo box or something similar. I'd like to place my web cam IN my nano cube, so I was thinking about a shallow rectangle that would mount to the hood to house the cam, and when the hood was closed the bottom would just breach the waters surface, so it would not be visible from outside the tank. Only problem is that the web cam would have to be sealed into the box and the wire hole sealed with silicone.


I wonder if the MH would interfere with the WiFi signal.


I was dreaming this up a couple months back then realized I would never take the time to try to construct such a contraption.



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try tap plastics or call jason ar CRPC he has his own guy that does acrylic and he gave me half a sheet at his cost which was substantially less than the retail price.


Holy crap. Called Tap plastics and they said a 4'x8' piece of 3/4 inch cell cast acrylic was $298 and they couldn't even tell me what brand it was.

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IIRC Tap sells Acrylite GP in 1/4" but anything thicker is Chemcast. $300/sheet is a good price for 3/4" acrylic but not Chemcast, not for tanks. Personally, I use Polycast, far superior in many ways but you will pay for it, not cheap by any means.


Plexiglas G is fine for tanks, not the best but good. Plex G is cell cast, Plexiglas MC is extruded.



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