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FS: Tons of stuff, 90g, my reef creations ca rxr, vortech, maristar, chiller, etc


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No, you're right. I didn't know the wattage, was too lazy to go down to the basement where the bulbs were so I looked it up on marine depot and URI t5s are listed as 24/40W bulbs, so I went with the higher number because i knew 24in PCs are 55W so I thought it would be similar.


long story short, fixture is ~25"! T5s are 24W!

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i just might if there are no takers soon. I'll take $280 on the whole maristar light


Honestly I think it would be just as easy to sell me the ballast separately and the light fixture to someone else separately, maybe even easier since the price will be lower :) Plus I'm ready to buy right now. (naughty)

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Just wondering how old the AGA is?? I cant remember the last time they made one with that dimensions. Good price on the lights!! Free bump. Later Ryan


Just thought I would let you know that that is the standard 90g size aga. The new company actually still makes that size tank in the same demensions if you are inerested in purchasing it.

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maristar lights sold, updated pricing. sorry uhuru. I decided to still run a reactor but I need the smaller 3.5 HOT model so I am selling the reactor body only. if you have other sources for a mag 2, regulator, and tank you can get a good deal on the reactor.


the HOT model is really superior to others i feel. one less pump (doesn't need a feed pump) and takes up less space in your sump.


chiller box says it is rated for 40g, but 22g is probably better. It really depends how much temp delta you need. I have a same rated chiller on my 28g nanocube w/ 150W HQI and the temp this summer never exceeded 81. Without the chiller it went above 82.5 (didn't wait longer to see how high it would go!). We don't have air conditioning either so it would be 80+ F in the house. Other ways to maximise chiller performance is to locate the unit in an area with a low ambient temp, such as a basement, and pump water upstairs where the tank is.

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Do you deliver? Might be interested in it for a qt tank for my new setup. I am located in vancouver but don't have anything to transport it in.



Well I posted it to craigslist and Im getting a lit of interest, but if it doesn't sell I'll consider in.

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