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Good Thing for Spare Parts! - Red Sea Reefer's 1 Flaw

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When I initially installed my Red Sea Reefer 450 in 2017 I learned not to overtighten the pipes/adapters.  Since then I've kept extra parts on-hand, just in case.  Today, while checking my sump I noticed a leak from the lower part of the return pipe, where the adapter connects to the pipe.  Sure enough, a hairline crack in the threads on the lower end of the pipe.  After 5 years, something caused it to crack. I'll admit I really like the Red Sea tanks, but this is the 3rd or 4th pipe replaced because of hairline cracks.  In addition to replacing the pipe, it was necessary to replace the Oring on the adapter.  It must have shrunk and feels a bit hard. Some pictures are below, if interested.  Also, I keep a spare of the return pipe, emergency overflow pipe, and main overflow - in the event of emergencies.  Let me know if you have a similar emergency.







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This is pretty common that I've noticed with some older redsea tanks, I think they sacrificed the material to have a sleeker design. I've also heard those are 1 time use o-rings,but alot reuse them.im sure there's better aftermarket options if you can find the appropriate sizes.

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They are nitrile o-rings and will likely keep their shape over time.  I've also found that vinegar or other acids tend to puff them up (in diameter), making them not fit right.  The best thing you can do is replace it with a silicone o-ring.

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