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Help with pacific sun kore 5th doser


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20210727_181807.thumb.jpg.06b03a12a16d33c30688e6bc7634ee2a.jpg20210727_181821.thumb.jpg.43ea9adc9fd9a73c554f3c1142177665.jpgSo I picked up this doser and when I plugged it in all it does is blink on and off,I dont see anything on display, just the light turning on and off..also the one of the pumps is turning on and off.i tried connecting to it via Bluetooth but im unable to locate it even while holding or pressing the reset button behind it. I've tried connecting with my gaming pc and my android phone but won't locate it. Previous owner had a Mac and said it was stuck in update mode. Looks like its been taken cared of but just won't connect and wanted to start dosing. Thanks in advance. 

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