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  1. We’ve solved it, the reason Tropic Marines so expensive is the buckets they use! 🙄
  2. Can I get on the list for the USB one, I wanna compare to the handheld #s
  3. I’ve got a red acan with couple heads I’d trade for the frogspawn, also have a green trumpet frag, green or orange ricordias. Will post photos tomorrow when lights on.
  4. My first tank it’s about 1.5 month since I got it stable. (It was a FOWLR before) It’s a 55G tall boy, the scape was a pain with 12” of width, but I got the arches I wanted. IMG_4950.MOV
  5. I have a few I can give you to get you by in Bethany, Beaverton if you wanna pickup. PM me for address if you wanna come out
  6. Your clams are a thing of beauty! Glad I got to see them in person
  7. IMO it’s not worth it. You can pick up an apex classic($100ish) for a similar cost as reefpi, the apex offers almost as much robustness as reefpi. With reefpi you still gotta buy the probes, which are a chunk too.
  8. Shar_Zard

    Show off

    Got to see it in person, a few days back. It's marvelous!
  9. Looking to buy, if anyone’s got one laying around
  10. Please put me on the list as well for the LED one
  11. I already have temp probe, just need the apex jr body.
  12. He’s outgrown my 55 gallon, kept him in a mixed reef tank. He’s very active, eats frozen shrimp like a beast. looking for corals / nems or rehoming fee of $85
  13. Setup new tank, added to many fish to fast(newb). Dealing with too much phosphates, tired of WC’s. Need more Chateo. Will pick up Beaverton/ Portland area. PM me. Thanks
  14. I also need any kind of macro for my fuge, I have some chateo I got but it hasn’t grown in weeks & my phosphates keep climbing so I’m doing more & more WCs
  15. Also interested in Macro, shipped to Portland. DM me, I can PayPal you
  16. Is the PH meter & media reactors available?
  17. Requesting to borrow par meter if available at shop.
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