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Skimmer pics!!


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Lets see those skimmer pics and the nasties they are pulling from your tank!


I have maybe 1 more mod to do on my Octopus skimmer. I'm currently pulling 18scfh at 48w.


This is 24 hours after being cleaned






This is 4 days of skimmate








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I have a question about skimming and my skimmer. I have a Catalina skimmer, "I think it is an 1004"? anyway, on the top of the skimmer at the base of the top water keeps coming out of a small port that looks like for a 1/4 connection. I can not find what this is for, do to buying this skimmer used, what would this be for, and where do I plumb the 1/4 tube when I hook it up?


Also, is it okay to drill a small hole in the skimmer cup on the top to drain scum to a container?






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Thanks Nyles,


I will just put a 1/4 tube on it and put it outside the tank with a cap on it for easier accesss later.


I am a newbie, and I bought this skimmer used for $50.00 from a local shop that has helped me get into the hobby.


I have been just running my sump/refugiun for about a week with about 20 snails of different types. I have just wanted to check it all out before going to quick. I have about 5+ pounds of live rock in my skimmer section, 10 pounds in my refugium with a 1 1/2 " base of used sand and new coral beach w/ bacteria added.


This is in a 45 GAL glass aquarium divided into skimmer,refugium,and return. One more question. Can I, or should I add live rock to my return, or leave in empty with just water? (scratch)




Kevin (rock2)

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Its up to you... I have LR in my return in my frag tank, but thats because I don't have anywhere else to put it. My personal preference is LR just in the display, but this is really up to you. More LR adds to system stability, but if you run your return section low on water you can start to dry out your LR

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No pics yet, but I did get my air meter and kill-a-watt. I'm pretty happy with my results.


Stock, The Sedra 3500 pulls 420LPH.


My modified 3500 is pulling 480-540LPH with the stock needle wheel. The ball on my meter bounces from 8-10 LPM but most of the time it's at around 8.5 LPM.


27 watts.


Hopefully I can get some pics up by this weekend.

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The Smell You Love To Hate?



I once worked with a guy that was UNUSUALLY attracted to smells odors and liked to share his truly perverse experiences with others. He was so thoughtful. It quickly became an, uneasy, standing joke.

Saying that; I hate to admit that I will (occasionally!) smell the skimmate. This is just to make sure that it is, indeed, collecting all the nastiness and in no way indicates that I may have a monkey on my back. I will not smell it, I will not smell it....

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How did you hook up your overflow/collection to your Euro 135. It looks like an schedule 80 elbow. Any interior riser, etc? Give some details if you can. I have a 135 and would like to feel safe to do more aggressive skimming.

PS: You have a REALLY nice tank!

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euro 135


Thanks Algae

When I got it home I realized it was European PVC (euro-duh!) I couldn’t find any close by so I took a reducer 1”1/2 – 1” and sanded it down then layered it with Teflon and glue until it fit then again on the outside, figured it wasn’t under pressure so it was fine, didn’t leak. It’s outside the sump so that is the return with a riser for vent. I ran the overflow into a liter bottle until it overflowed the 2nd night I had it. I now drain into an overflow box hanging in the sump, I keep it pretty clean and check often so I don’t worry about it overflowing back into the tank (better than the carpet)

I only get about ½ cup a week , I keep the top of the bubbles 2” up in the top neck, I’ve tried reducing the flow in but still not much.

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