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APEX sockets not providing power after outage


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Today my power went out for just a moment but afterwards my APEX stopped providing power through its outlets. I was able to update the software via the app and it is giving me correct PH and Temp readings – it just won't power anything. The indicator lights indicate that the sockets are on but nothing...

Has anyone run across this? Any tips?



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I have heard of this situation from several people recently.  It's likely an electrical component inside the EnergyBar got fried from a power surge.  If it's under warranty, contact Neptune Support.  But if it's out of warranty, Neptune will only offer you a discount to buy a replacement.  This guy at Reef2Reef has posted details of how to diagnose and repair them, and will even repair them for other people:


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Thanks. That sounds like it might be the problem. I am suspicious of the heat we had last week. My main house has no AC and we had an espresso machine self destruct. Looks like my toys are going to cost me some money this month.

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