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My Current Solana


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Thought Ide share my newest toy. While trying to decide on an all-in-one tank, I ran across these in multiple forums. Heard a lot about these systems, good and bad, and thought I would see for myself. Picked it up at Coral Reef Pet Center in Salem(Thanks Jay!) and must say I have no complaints. I did do some minor mods in turning the second chamber into a fuge and adding my own ato instead of the stock(one of the biggest issues) up-side down water bottles. Most of the inhabitants came from my daughters 20h, and the rest from CRPC and my other set-up.

Heres the back while I was setting it up to my liking.


The 5gal in the stand holds my diy kalk reactor and is my container for ato. I have to fill it 1-2x per week.


During transition with my favorite helper. Notice the Bob the Builder goggles, a must when working with aquariums...(laugh)OrOSHA would be proud!


And heres what it looks like now...


Any and all questions/comments are welcome. Thanks for looking, and for the info ive picked up from all your posts...that made this happen(rock2)

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I think Mark hit the nail on the head...let the wife help pick what goes in the tank, and the world of saltwater is a much better place(laugh)

My daughter does love her tank. As long as you get quality pumps and equipment, most of time, it will be dead silent...another issue with bedroom tanks. Once we rid the tanks of cheap noisy pumps, all of a sudden, the tanks "got more better"!:D


Boy, I need to update pics, too. That tanks looks much better now!

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I turned the center section into a refugium. Seems to help with the algae. Next, like you said, I ditched the stock ATO(worthless.) and added my own jbjATO. works great, and I only have to fill the 5 gallon tank in the stand once a week. Lastly, I added a closed loop for a chiller. My temperatue was getting up to 85 and kinda freaked me out. I agree with you on the skimmer. Not the best in the world, but once it is adjusted properly, it pulls out some nasty skimmate..I should take a picture for Impurhe likes to see that stuff(whistle).

The light is a totally different story. My ballast went out a few weeks back. In a pinch, I threw up a single-ended 250w 20k halide. What a difference! Im now using the pendant for a 20 gallon set-up Im working on for my in-laws. In my opinion, the output on the pendant isnt broad enough for the Solana.

Sorry for the rant.

I havent seen these pictures in a while... Lots has changed.

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The ballast went out? So I am assuming the 250w is buch better? Maybe some day I will upgrade but as my first venture into MH and sps I will keep the stock one for a while, provided the ballast lasts. I guess maybe I should have gotten a chiller but we keep our house pretty cold so we will see!

Thanks for the input!


You should post some new pics!

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I dont have A/C in my house, so I need a chiller for the hot days.

Ill take pics when my wife gets back from Cali with the camera.

The stock light worked great when I got it, as it was my first MH as well. I would definately change the bulb, though. I didnt see where you were, but if you have a chance, swing by CRPC in salem, and have Jason add some led night lights to your fixure...makes a world of a difference....

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I ended up with a Pacific Coast Imports CL 280. I think its rated for 75 gallons or so, but works fantastic. I really wanted a Current chiller, because they come with a built in controller and a heater plug. However, this one was used and I got a good deal. Maybe Ill upgrade down the road...(nono)

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Well glad it is working for you. I just ordered a 300 today for my little set up. Am going to upgrade to a little bigger tank but still should perform just fine.


And yes you do need to post up a few new pics(whistle)

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