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Sea hare


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It might help to know where you live. Then could give you an LFS to ask and get one. My understanding is they don't make it after they eat it all up. They starve. I have heard of ohers trading/ and or moving them around beween other reefers that have the problem. Keeps them alive and gets the hair. JMO so check it out more.

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I have one and have had one for several months. Its now in my fuge and has done its job very well in the display. They are best kept until they get their job done and then traded or sold to another person in need. I have to room and enough algae to keep it fed for a lifetime, but this is not the case for most, so a swap is usually necessary. Let me know where you live and if you are interested in trading or if you just want to buy the little guy as I have no use for him and can let him do his job in anothers tank.



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I have tried a seahare three times, last time was a dwarf. I just liked them so wanted to keep one. The nori seemed to do little for them and have never been able to get one to live past three weeks myself. They are cool creatures. Very fun to watch. I wish I had enough lagae to keep one.

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