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Tons of zoas (and a bit more)


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Tank is starting to get a bit full so I’m gonna try a sale. We aren’t comfortable having people in the house yet so you can pick things up from my front porch (Lake Oswego) or I can meet up at Cuttlefish in Friday afternoons it anytime Saturday/Sunday. I know seeing people’s tanks is half the fun so I’m willing to try FaceTime if people want

Heres the list (package deals possible)

ASD Leprechauns- $70pp

CB White Zombies - $50pp

CB Walking Dead - $50pp (similar to zombies but color is more darker red, white, and mint.. really unique)

OG Magicians - $20 for 5 polyps 

RDPE (Red Devil People Eaters) - $15pp

GB Rainbow Troll - $60pp

Rastas - $15 for 5+

CB Pink Diamonds - $30pp or 3 for $70

CB Disco Inferno - $20 or $50 for 3

Nuc Greens - $20 for 5 polyps 

BBEB (Blondies) - $10pp or $25 for 3

Red Death - $15 for 1 polyp or $40 for 3 polyps (1 available)

No Name Zoas (dark green, light green, with peach mixed in) - $10 for around $15 polyps 

Mixed colony - one plug with 6 Pink Diamonds, 7 Rastas, and a bunch of the no names $80

JF Burning Banana - $30

JF Freak Hair - $20 (small frags)

WWC Bizarro - $20


All the names zoas were bought from the source, so they’re legit.

Some of these are already cut. Some will be on frag pieces rather than a whole plug, or multiples on a single plug.













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2 hours ago, Cobalt said:

I could use some purple in my zoa garden. Which are the ones that are mostly purple,  and then the ones with the purple center and yellow around that then orange at the outer edge?

Ugh I wrote a whole thing and don’t see it posted.. ok, short version- I don’t think I have and zoas with purple (assuming you’re referring to the Pink Diamonds which tend to look more purple in pics). The JF Freak Hair has a pretty purple base though 

I have lots of red, pink, orange, green, and blue.. but very little purple 


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1 hour ago, MrBret said:

I'll take a guess.......WWC Purple Monsters and Blond Blue eye'd *Itches

Blond Blue Eyed (BBEB) yes, but the others are CB Pink Diamonds.. 

here are some more pics of both





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