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used gear to trade or sell in Hollywood area Portland OR


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I had a fishroom in Olympia and moved to Hawaii then to Portland. Opening my storage locker I realized I saved WAY more gear than I need. None of this is super valuable used, but would be worth trading for a frag or two. So if you need any of this let me know:


36" 2 x 65 watt PC light by All Glass-reflectors far better than other brands and is UL listed. Must be used with cover glass though. Bring your bulbs to test.

24" 1 x 65 PC light by All Glass w/ well used bulb to test unit

both units are clean but the reflectors have some spots from salt splash.


2x 96 watt pc retrofit kit currently with square bulb sockets but I think I have linear too. Electronic ballast, no reflector though. From Hellolights, used about 1 year.


2x 96 watt ballast wire and sockets for linear pin pc or ? it's a workhorse 7 ballast and the sockets are fitted with rubber protective sleeves which are cracking. used at least 2 years.


2x 36" or 48" VHO waterproof endcaps w/ ARO AS 220 electronic ballast. Nice cables, from Hellolights used about 1 year


2x 36" T5 HO with reflectors + waterproof sockets. Need someone to test with new bulbs though. Can't fire it, probably screwed up the wires. Triad electronic ballast, sold by Sunlight Supply used > 3yrs still with original bulbs.


Also have a pair of 175/150 watt electronic halide ballasts with mogul sockets, ugly parabolic reflectors and a couple used 10K XM bulbs to test em with, I could be persuaded to part with the pair.


I did not trim any of the wires when I set those up so they are LONG. I don't want to part with all this gear, just probably half to 2/3... so if you need anything from the list, let me know.


What I like-aquacultured frags of: Unusual and colorful zoanthids, ricordeas, montiporas, and softies IE blue, green or purple nephthya types. tonga yellow softies. Dwarf seahorses. Cynarinas. Black perculas. Live sand starts and pod cultures. My tank has not been up very long so can't take delicate SPS but eventually want birds nest, pocilloporas and something cool I saw at a public aquarium in Maui labeled "potato chip coral". They didn't think the patrons or guides were due for scientific names (: I think it was Pavona cactus. Not too into acroporas as never have a tank big enough to really enjoy em.



Kate B


Will post pictures after moderators approve me-I am new to the list so probably am being screened at this point. Also not sure anyone wants this stuff so don't want to spend hours photographing it (:

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i might be interested in these lemme know how much you thinking thanks


2x 36" or 48" VHO waterproof endcaps w/ ARO AS 220 electronic ballast. Nice cables, from Hellolights used about 1 year


Also have a pair of 175/150 watt electronic halide ballasts with mogul sockets, ugly parabolic reflectors and a couple used 10K XM bulbs

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Sorry... It took a while to get approved to start posting, then I got sick and then had to do family xmas stuff so been bad about getting online. I am trying to post pictures.

I did not want money for this stuff, just frags or trades, I have no idea of their value. You can buy the 2x 96 watt pc retrokit and the dual vho kit at hello lights for 50 bucks. The workhorse 7 was 75 but the rubber sleeves on the sockets are pretty worn out so they are not really watertight anymore. I am thinking like 20 bucks each worth of zoanthids or soft coral cuttings on that stuff.

I have a pair of electronic halide ballasts that are like new, those have mogul sockets at this time. 50 for the pair? They are 175 watt mogul or 150 watt DE according to the guy I bought them from. They come with reflectors and very used XM 10K's.

The nice PC fixtures I have no idea. Make an offer? They were quite spendy.

The T5 retrokit I decided not to sell because I think it is broken. I dropped the ballast trying to test it. Will try and get the photos up in the next hour.



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Hi Kate,


does the vho kit come with everything but the bulbs?

I could sure use something cheap, since my pc light gave up the ghost this morning.

Would you be willing to ship it?

I could also give you something in trade (candy cane, hammer, finger leather, xenia, GSP, or a couple of polyps of armor of god zoas) next time I come to Portland.

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here are some pictures. They are really bad, sorry. Everything is dusty from storage and quite tangled. I unwired the VHO after taking the picture because I could not separate it from the 2x 96 watt pc. Like I said this stuff is all as far as I know working but has no real cash value. If you can use it and have something to trade let me know. I found out I paid far more for the workhorse used than I would have new. Figures. Didn't even use it more than a few months.








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