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Fish trap recommendation


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Hey y’all I have a majestic fox face that is just picking at everything now unfortunately. From mushrooms to sps and I even just saw him picking at my big black cucumber which is very weird he eats like a pig and grazes all day. That being said what’s the best fish trap you’ve used without moving rocks because I have an eel and worry I would smush him. Thanks for any advice and if someone local has one I can borrow/buy let me know. Also will be selling the majestic fox face once it’s caught if anyone’s interested it’s a beautiful fish. 

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I appreciate you guys!! I actually just went wild and had to catch it because it was literally chewing on my big black cucumber which I’ve never heard of and is kind of crazy to me.... but anyways they can release toxins if they die so I used some eggcrate and the net and got him caught I was very surprised as it was in a reefer350. But thanks again guys definitely know where to go in the future if necessary🙏🏻

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