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Donate Frags Here !!!


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I will try to come up with some. I can't promise a lot because mostly all I have are frags. I could come up with some common brown xenia (weed),



and a nice size piece of kenya tree.



I could frag 5-10 polyps of this (I was told it is a "moon zoa")



10-20 polyps of "eagle eye" zoas



Several of these zoa (palys?)Picture006-2.jpg


A small rock with a small green and small red mushroom (Christmas colors)



A 1" piece of this acro. It is supposed to be blue or purple, but it has done nothing but turn brown in my tank. It is starting to grow, and I have hope for it still. Maybe someone else can get it to turn this ugly duckling into the swan that it is supposed to be.



I know there is not much here that will make a lot of money, but I am willing to put up what I have to help out the club.


Show some pics of what you are going to donate. I want to view some candy that I can get at the auction.


dsoz :)

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(#1) Variation of Orange Creamsicle and greenish/tan zoo's

I can't remember were I got these nice orange's and the greens

are a little different because they have a bulb/tenticle on there

edge. 7+ orange --- 12+ green polyps


(#2)small-med size Tub's blue and some greenish/tan zoo's

3 blue's ----- 3+ green's


Taken under 10k & atinic




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You are so going to pay...... You know what your doing to me.... LOL I just might have to make a trip down to my medford branch again...... very soon.... after xmas sounds great. :D See you January probably, to bad the fishing is not that great right now.

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