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Show me some full tank shots


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Great idea for a thread Drock!!! Here are a couple I just quickly snapped off...I did not want to mess with the tripod and settings on the camera...It is still very young, but most are LE frags and you can only buy them in frags, so I am waiting for them to grow out.


Front of Tank


Left Side of Tank


Right Side of Tank


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Brandon' date=' that right side shot is totally cool!! I love that leopard wrasse. is looking great.Great fish!!![/quote']

Lowman, thanks for the compliments!!! yeah the right side shot is nice with the exception of the stupid rock anemone...but I will get around to getting rid of it...Yeah, I have two leopards, male and female...they are not mated but hang out together and are a "couple" I think :) they are great fish, my favorite fish out there!!!!

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I will take some in the morning when the actinics come on then again later when the daylights come on so I will try to have some tommorow. I just picked up some batteries for my camera and now that my RO unit is fixed the glass is not all dusty everyday. I have been gonna snap some anyway this weekend if I had time.



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