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Chalice group swap - 8 spots


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Haven't done this in a while, but it worked in years past as a great way to diversify one's collection. So... let's do this with Beautiful Chalices.

8 people sign up, meaning you should get as many as 7 new high end chalices.

Here is how this works. If you have some good sized chalices that you can divide into 7 frags, AND they are NICE colorful quality chalices, then you are eligible(you can use 2 different chalices if you don't have one large enough to make 7 frags). Send me the name AND  a pic of your chalice for approval! If you know it's nice, then just post it in this thread:) If you aren't sure, send to me. Minimum size of .75” with 1 eye, Healed(frag it now!). Oh, and no duplicates, meaning if someone else already signed up to frag OME(hahaha!)then you need to submit a different chalice.


We will all meet and exchange chalices with one another at a pre-set time/location(probably a local reef shop).

Meetup Location: TBD - Portland Likely, unless southerners have all the chalices! We shall see!

Date/Time for meetup: TBD - tentatively set for June 29, 2019. 


I, unfortunately, have to be the gatekeeper, so please submit to me  the chalice you are fragging, then I will sign you up!


We have done this in the past with SPS, but never with a chalice. So why not?


1-Mandinga - Oregon Mummy Eye










So dig deep and break out those stunners and let's make this one bada$$ swap!


**Oh, and if we end up only getting 5 people, then 5 it is...but the max is 8. So don't sit on the fence and cherry pick(you know who you are!), jump on board because your super awesome submission could bring another fence sitter to the table! Let's go!


Here is my submission:



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Just supersaturate it with PS, add some hints of color here and there...call it monkey’s stunner...bam you’re in business.


Let’s go monkeyboy, don’t be scared, push your chips out!



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