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Legend of palytoxin


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Wow, I wasn't aware of the affects of breathing it! I'll never boil a rock that had zoas or palys I guess, but then again I've never boiled live rock. I've always tried to take precautions when handling palys, especially since I heard about what happened to Holly (Gil&Fin) I'm not sure if her eyesight has completely came back yet. Very interesting and informative article, and a bit scary [emoji32] the boiling rocks part I think a lot more people should be educated on, although I've personally never done it most have probably done at some point. I've always had a fascination with palys in particular, my very first coral was a frag of nuclear green palythoas.

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There have been a few reefers on here with horror stories. I have learned when I am fragging them to take my contact lenses out. Even when I use gloves , wear goggles and wash my hands thoroughly I still would have some residual left over that would cause eye redness .

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4 hours ago, xmas_one said:

Does anyone have confirmation of specific zoas/palys that have that “super-death” juice? 



1 hour ago, xxkenny90xx said:

Lol I'd like to know as well

Palyotha is the most likely, however.  Always treat any Zoanthid or Paly like it has it.  Goggles and gloves are a must when fragging and super clean your tools and area afterwards.


Also take care when scrubbing or treating rocks that have them on it.  They release their toxins whe stressed or damaged.


Better safe than poisoned 

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