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FS: Many Items! Some New! Bulbs/Pumps/Filters/Meters/Etc.


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After setting up my tank and seeing what I had left (from either making a stupid purchase or stuff I no longer use from old system).

1. Lifegard Fluidized Bed Filter (barely used) with 3 pounds of sand - $33

2. Lifegard Fluidized Bed Filter (barely used) with Rio Pump - $50

3. Iwaki 30RLXT Pump (used) - $30

4. PFO Single Bulb Ballast (used) - $50

5. 4 Ushio 175 Watt Metal Halide Single End Bulbs (Brand New)- $20 Each

6. 4 Stage Maxxima RODI (4th stage kent marine) (used) - $30

7. Amiracle Wet/Dry Box (with lid) 25 Gallons (for use with tanks up to 150 gallons) (used) - $25

8. Sequence Reeflo Dart (Brand New, used once to test) - $200

9. Pinpoint Salinity Monitor (used) - $75

10. Double Dose Reefdosing Pump (can pump two lines at once)(barely used) - $50

11. Milwaukee Low Range Phosphate Meter (Brand New) - $100

12. 6 Four Pin 95 Watt Actinic Power Compact Bulbs (New, but sitting around) - $5 each

13. Haier Mini Fridge (used to hold fish food and liquid) - $20


All of these items are sold in good working condition, but sold AS-IS.

I can ship to you any way you want (including UPS Accounts) or you can pick up in Eugene and take a look at my new 450 Gallon Reef while you are here, up to you, I recommend insurance for shipping.

I accept all major credit cards, paypal, money order, or cash (credit cards are charged through Strapworks.com)

First Come First Serve, I will only hold items with payment up front (or 50% deposit on items $100 or more).

I can take pics if anyone needs them, let me know at DouglasFoster@comcast.net




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what are the dimesions of the Amiracle sump? Can you get a picture of it?

30" X 14" X 14"


Sorry its a little dirty, its got pine needles in it and its raining right now, it just needs washed out.

The lid doesn't fit great because it was off another sump, but it works. It does have a small crack at the top lip, but I repaired it with sealant and used it for a year on my 240 gallon fish only with no problem. It does have a 1" BH on one end near the bottom which can be capped.


I'd be glad to come pick up the RO/DI.


Also, is the single bulb ballast for halides or fluorescent? If it's for halide I'd also love to snag it and one of your Ushio bulbs.


Just let me know where to meet you in town and I'll bring cash.

The Ballast is for Hallides, specifically one 175 watt MH.


Anyone can call me at 915-2423 to arrange pickup, remember FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, sorry if that inconveniences anyone, I just don't want to hold things without payment



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The following are SOLD


3. Iwaki 30RLXT Pump

5. 2 Ushio 175 Watt Metal Halide Bulbs

6. 4 Stage Maxxima Rodi

9. Pinpoint Salinity Monitor

10. Double Dose Reefdosing pump

13. Haier Mini Fridge


People are calling and visiting, so if you want any of the items I have left I recommend you jump on them quick. I will try to keep this updated as much as possible.

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Additional SOLD


4. PFO Ballast

5. Ushio 175 Watt MH Bulb


I only have 1 Ushio 175 Watt Metal Halide Bulb left, it is brand new still in bubble wrap.


And if anyone wants pics of any of the other products, or needs other info please let me know and I will get it for you.



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