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Gettign out of hobby


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So after a couple of months of thinking, and having a tank break, I have decided to get out of the hobby for now. I don't have much left by way of livestock. So here is what i have left.



90 gallon glass tank, 48Lx18Dx24H not drilled. $80.00obo

40gallon sump $80.00 obo

PFO 400w Halide setup (ballast, mogul, 6m used XM 20k bulb) $125.00obo

PFO VHO ballast and end caps runs up to 2 6 footers $100.00obo

Sieo 2600 $30.00 obo

Mag 9.5 $20.00obo

2x250w Iwasaki ballast with moguls $30.00obo

Mag5 $10.00obo




Green Carpet Anemone $60.00obo

Medium Saddle Clown $10.00obo

Sixline Wrasse $5.00obo

Coral Beauty $10.00 obo

4" clam unsure type $40.00 obo

10" toadstool leather $50.00 obo

100lbs to 150lbs of liverock $2.50/pound

Livestock must go before equipment. Will get some pics up soon.


Jon You can call anytime, if i don't answer leave me a message. 360-574-5784

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