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Hello from lewis county


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Kinda new on here been lurking around a few months thought I should hi. My name is jake and I have an addiction. Set up tank a year ago 100g corner. Then the 29 biocube somehow just showed up. And a 20 long. Its more a clownfish thing,but it leaves me with tanks to put coral in lol. The corner got converted to a 90g about 3 months or so ago, turns out I hate acrylic. And here we are now. I will post more pics a little later



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I had that winning power ball ticket last week... till I ran the numbers. Here is the cube and 20. The cube and 20 are just for the clowns(I'm waiting for them to spawn) so I have found myself just putting extra coral I'm not that into or trade able stuff in the 20 and I think I'm just gonna do a mini nem tank in the cube....so far. I'm open to criticism if anyone sees anything in my pics I'm doing that might be a "dumb"idea.thanks all.




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