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Getting back into the Hobby


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Just getting back into the hobby using some of the old stuff I’ve had. Excited to fill my tank up with coral and possibly upgrade  to my 60gallon Cube.

30 gallon oceanic cube

Chinese 165watt LED

Aqua remora HOB skimmer

little fishies reactor (Chaeto reactor)

vortech Mp10 QD

200 wat heater

also have a makeshift Auto top off float switch, with reservoir underneath. I’m 5 weeks into my cycle and have a clean up crew. Started with dry Rock and Dry sand and cycled it with Seachem Stability. Always looking to learn and get better! Look forward to chatting with you all!

Pramaters: Phosphate 0-0.1, Nitrate 0, DKH 8, calcium 400

Salinity 1.023

temp 77.9- 78



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