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Arrest me Tang Police !! Tang in 25 lagoon!!


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Shout out to @CuttleFishandCoral! This is a little late in coming!

Last week Sirena picked up a purple tang for her daughter’s 25 lagoon.:yippee: The kids loved it and of course call it “Dory”





She has had an issue with macroalgae :cussing:overgrowing the rock. Anyone who has dealt with this knows what a pain in the [language filter] it is and how difficult it is to find things that will eat it.   I have always had good luck with purple tangs clearing out algae that other tangs and fish won’t eat such as bryopsis and macroalgae. This one didn’t disappoint. Only 2 days in the tank and already snacking on the algae and clearing it out.  (Top picture is before ) This was only after a day !




Oh and before the tang police come calling :nono: , realize I have done my research and have had great success with purple tangs in smaller tanks. I had one for years that thrived in a 40 gallon frag tank. I had one in my Reefer250 until I took it down.  Not all tangs are the same and unlike the Blue Tangs and Achilles Tangs who require a lot of room and tend to travel great distances in the wild , Purple Tangs and others in their species (yellow tang) tend to spend 75 percent of their time grazing and cover a smaller territory in the wild. They can be aggressive and territorial so I would never have one with other tangs in a smaller space. Although I did have one with a yellow tang who did quite well because it was a baby. 

I do think this tang will likely outgrow the 25 at some point but I’m sure I will have no problem selling a well acclimated beautiful algae eater like this!!

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1 hour ago, albertareef said:

Hey Kim - glad to see you are training up a new algae killer for me!  I would be happy to put that little guy to work if/when you get tired of him 😃 @Emerald525

I don’t think I could ever grow tired of these beauties. I love a fish that is both beautiful and useful. (That’s how I choose women too 😉

However when “Dory “ gets too big for her home , I will keep you in mind. 

Interestingly what I have noticed when I raise them in smaller tanks , their growth seems to slow.  Mattv and I both years ago got purple tangs from the same group and same size and his ended up being twice the size as mine .

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