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pH 8.6 to high?


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I've been battling with high pH latey. Between 8.3-8.6 (max 8.7) depending on the time of day. (Apex lab probe and Salifert test).

I dose Kalk2+ in my top off. Ca: 480 Mg:1480 Alk:8.1 10 hour ramped light cycle with fuge light overlapping by an hour.

I've been adding a bit of vinegar every few days to bring it down but it seems to creep right back up. Should I be concerned?

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that seems really high, especially if you are using NE portland water.  My tank usually peaks around 8.30 or 8.31.   I believe they say that you don't want it over 8.5.   It is definitely caused by your limewater additions.


Like anything reef chemistry... it has already been addressed by randy holmes farley.  That guy is a GOD!!


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I did recalibrate the probe and I recently got the Salifert test kit because all I had around was an old API kit. All 3 confirm.

I can see a slight spike when the ATO kicks on but then back to the prior reading. 

I do mix my own SW, a mix of Kent reef and Reef Crystals. I may back off on the kalk for a bit see if it drops.

I'll look over Randy's site, thank you for the suggestion. Overall the tank looks good except for a few chalices that just haven't done well, haven't lost a fish in a year either. My RBTAs keep splitting so I'm not too stressed, just seemed high to me, I'd like to be at 8.2-8.4, happy with all the other levels.

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5 hours ago, sd45x said:

Just an update, I dropped it one point over the week and now my frogspawn and lobos don't look happy. 😞


Dropped a full point - meaning down to 7.6?  Since pH is a logarithmic scale, that is a huge change over a short time.   If you are talking 0.1 (to 8.5) I wouldn't expect that to negatively impact things.  I see regular 0.2 oscillations during light/dark cycles at times.

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