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PNWMAS Presidential Transition


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Wasn't sure as to where to properly place this thread but as it seemed to be an event of sorts I placed it here...We can move it later if it seems wrongly placed.

Recently our adored president had some very serious medical complications which forced him into a position of resignation. In a Board of Directors and Officers meeting this last weekend we decided to make it official that myself acting as Vice President will now be placed into the position as the current president. I know, I know...Don't be too disappointed, we still aim to keep things running as smoothly as possible during this slight transition. We have a very capable team/staff on the PNWMAS crew so you can still look forward to the upcoming events that were planned before his absence.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause to any members or vendors, please be understanding about the situation at hand, we all wish Stylaster well and hopefully a speedy recovery.

Thank you all for being so understanding.


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Thanks for stepping up Bert. I have worked with you in the past and have complete confidence you will do an excellent job keeping this place on track. 

As far as Roy, do what you need to take care of your health. So sorry to hear about all of your health problems. I think I speak for all of us in understanding why you need to step down.  You health obviously comes first. The beauty of this place is there is always someone willing to step up.  

I look forward to seeing what great ideas and plans you have for this place !



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