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Naso - Not Reef Safe!!??


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Joking a tad, but had an interesting situation.

I moved a couple of chalices and a favia from the frag tank to the DT.  Much to my dismay, and when I was not looking, the Naso tang noticed they were new.  

For some reason, new to him means "pick up and drop repeatedly from the top of the tank".

This action beat the tar out of all the coral, and back to the frag tank they went.  Sure hope they recover.

So... I have seen triggers do this, but never my precious Naso.  Anyone else experience this?

BTW, the frags were attached to LR, some pieces 3/4s the size of a baseball.  It was an epic fishy workout to do this.  He was super determined.

The easy fix is to use bigger rocks.  But I noticed if he could not move it, he just chomped on the chalice over and over again trying to move it.  Scraping the flesh off in the process.




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3 hours ago, albertareef said:

Yikes!  That is somewhat unexpected and disturbing.  Hopefully he didn't crush anything else in the process of dropping them.  What if you attach them to existing rock work?  Would he still see them as "new" I wonder.

It's a good thought, but I am afraid he might destroy the coral trying to remove it.  Hmmm, maybe test with some GSPs or something?  My luck they would live and overtake :D


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2 hours ago, youcallmenny said:

I don't even do tangs any more.  Had a purple for a while that was pretty well behaved but every other one I've had has been a problem. 

I hear people say that allot.  What are the main downsides?  Coral chomping is sure new to me!

Been lucky til now!  Have a Naso, Hippo, Clown and Yellow tang all getting along for years.  


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