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For sale or trade Devils Armor Zoas or Armor of God Zoas....??


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Snagged a big colony of Devils Armor zoas of Armor of God zoas from a local reefer a few months back and the rock was too big so I decided to bust it up. With doing that I have a ton of frags ranging from single polyp to 10+ polyp mini colony. Some are on rocks and some on frag plugs. These are on the bigger side of zoas, almost a small paly. Anyway I would sell or trade for other corals. Im gonna ask $5 for the single or doubles and then no more than $20 for the mini colony. Message me with trades or offers. Here are some pics of a few of them to give you an idea. Best pics I could get. Man the blues are tough to get pictures with lol




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21 minutes ago, Optimusprime3605 said:

Yup, I concur...


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You are not suppose to agree Dodge, lol! 😂

27 minutes ago, Exodus said:

Hate to be a nit pick Ryan, but those are "Armor of God" Zoa's ;)


Thanks for nitpicking lol! [language filter] zoa names 😂

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