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T5 lighting.


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I’m going to barrow a T5 fixture from Scott to put over the new tank I just ordered.  It’s a 24” x 4 bulb.  I like the more blueish look.  Can the reefers with T5s post a pic of there tank and bulb combo.  With that being said what bulb combo would you do? (Keep in mind what would you do to achieve a nice blue hue!) This is going over a 50 AIO that is 36” 20” 18”. 



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Chris if you want blue look like windex then go with ATI blue plus bulbs. You could swap one bulb out for a purple plus  but much more and it with drastically change the blue look or you could do 2 blue plus a purple plus and an actinic   I don’t have one set up right now but have used them solely in past  

Aquablue special = white

coral plus = pink/red

blue plus and actinic = blue

hope tthis helps. ATI North America shows some combos on their site as well

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I just got done watching a video from advance reefs on the YouTube’s.  He had shown 7 different light combos.  I really dig the purple plus and blue plus.  Just not sure 3 blues and 1 purple? Or what.  Each bulb is right at 20$ which is decently priced.   

Do you think this 24” fixture will be ok for the tank that I listed above? 

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Thanks Guys!   
I was thinking 
2 blue plus 
1 coral plus 
1 true actinic thoughts? 
I want pleasing to the eyes but best of all the corals need to like it more than I.  
be aware that the actinic lights do not put out much light. if you only have 4 bulbs u may want to skip that one.

side note... I just got 2 six foot reefbrite xho's.... OMG amazing!!!

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